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Our clientele network is diversified with rental businesses of all sizes

YoRent findamaq
GearFlow Built with YoRent
YoRent Powered Rental Website - Machinfo
YoRent rent bubba
YoRent upa build
YoRent Powered Rental Website - StageWing
YoRent rentastic
YoRent rent my wradrode
YoRent ewheelrs
YoRent Powered Rental Website - big-fitness
YoRent just rent
YoRent posh robe
YoRent Powered Rental Store  - APLUS EVENTS & RENTALS
YoRent Powered Rental Website - Rentalya
YoRent kire rent
 YoRent Powered Spanish Rental Business- Aloklub
YoRent Powered Rental Business  - Eventudu
YoRent Powered Rental Website  - rentHAUS
YoRent Powered Rental Website - JCLease
YoRent Powered Rental Website - Find Rent Wear
YoRent Powered Rental Platform  - JustRent
YoRent Powered Rental Website - MaltaMarkt
YoRent Powered Rental Store - Kouture Studios
YoRent Powered Rental Marketplace  - Rentera
YoRent Powered Rental Website  - CLIQUERS
YoRent Powered Rental Website  - Zental Rental
YoRent Powered Rental Website  - EasyKauf
YoRent Powered Rental Website - Bohemian Borrowers
YoRent Powered Rental Website - Rent For All
YoRent Powered Rental Website - Roynac
YoRent Powered Rental Website - Find Rent Wear
YoRent Client - NE
YoRent Powered Rental Website - Rentini
YoRent Powered Rental Website-
Alquilor - Rental Marketplace Powered by YoRent
YoRent Powered Rental Website - SEWAje
YoRent Powered Rental Website - Diamonds-Ledger
YoRent Powered Rental Website - Foets
YoRent Powered Rental Platform  - Taajeer
YoRent Powered Rental Website - Muqawil
YoRent Powered Rental Store - Simply-Borrowed
YoRent Powered Rental Marketplace  - You-Trade
YoRent Client - Costo
YoRent Powered Rental Website  - Wrent-it
YoRent Powered Rental Website  - Myfroxbox
YoRent Powered Rental Website - Equiperz
YoRent Powered Rental Website - Stages
YoRent Powered Rental Website - Rent-4-Local
YoRent Powered Rental Website - Pro-rent
YoRent Powered Rental Website  - Aquaveh
YoRent Powered Rental Website - Tulpik
YoRent Powered Rental Website- Weels
Forhire - Rental Marketplace Powered by YoRent
YoRent Powered Rental Website - Camper-Agogo

A Blend of Startups and Enterprises

You-trade - YoRent powered rental marketplace Singapore

B2B Agricultural Products Marketplace

You-Trade is a one-stop solution for all kinds of agricultural products. Its product catalog ranges from agriculture equipment, spare parts and fertilizers to seeds, poultry and livestock. You-Trade has been empowering farmers from the past 15 years and utilizes Yo!Rent's sales framework to run multi-vendor sales operations.

Rent This- Equipment Rental Marketplace USA

Equipment Rental Marketplace

Rent This is a heavy equipment rental marketplace launched during the pandemic to help maintain the supply chain and provide construction companies and contractors with reliable heavy equipment. Furthermore, it also provides rental trucks, vehicles and dumpsters.

Foetso - YoRent powered rental marketplace Belgium

Belgium-Based Heavy Equipment Platform

With four decades of experience, Foets is a Belgium-Based heavy equipment platform. It is specialized in sale, rent, leasing and servicing of both old and new equipment. Yo!Rent helped Foets manage their rental operations with an intuitive interface and dedicated industry-specific capabilities.

Diamonds Legedar - YoRent powered  rental marketplace Singapore

Aggregate Jewelry Marketplace

Diamonds Ledger is an aggregate jewelry marketplace that deals in elegant gold and diamond jewelry. Powered by Yo!Rent, Diamonds Ledger leverages our solution's in-built sales capabilities in addition to the comprehensive vendor management system to simplify eCommerce marketplace operations.

Diamonds Legedar - YoRent powered  rental marketplace UAE

Carsaat - Luxury Car Rental Marketplace

Carsaat is UAE's homegrown car rental marketplace that helps local car rental businesses increase their online presence and generate potential leads without the hassle of investing in a private digital ecosystem. It also deals in a diverse range of cars including SUVs, EVs, luxury cars, and sports to extend its network to nationwide car rental companies.

StageWing - Audio-Video Rental Marketplace for Professionals USA

Audio-Video Rental Marketplace for Professionals

StageWing provides audio-video equipment and music gear to DJs and stage professionals. It also helps the music community develop by connecting equipment-seekers and providers with its Peer-to-Peer business model.

FAINDaMAQ - YoRent powered Heavy Equipment Rental Business Mexico

Mexico's First Heavy Equipment Rental Marketplace

FAINDaMAQ is Mexico's first-ever intelligent heavy equipment rental platform where contractors can buy, rent and even find financing options to source heavy machinery. FAINDaMAQ is dedicated to ensure fast, simple and profitable sourcing.

JustRent - YoRent powered multi-category rental marketplace Greece

Multi-Category Online Rental Marketplace

JustRent is a Grecian all-inclusive rental marketplace that offers rental utility equipment and vehicles to both businesses and homeowners. Its product offering ranges across medical tools, plumbing/carpentering machinery, event supplies, and vans & trucks.

ProRent- First Rental Marketplace in Thailand Thailand

Multi-Category Rental Aggegator

ProRentis a multi-category rental marketplace that provides people with a 100% safe and secure platform to rent a diverse range of products from independent rental store owners. To fortify their platform, the client relied on Yo!Rent's rental security, payment gateways, catalog management and inventory management systems.

Poshrobe - Luxry Wear rental marketplace India

Wedding Dress Rental Marketplace

PoshRobe is an India-based luxury wear rental platform. It helps people make truly unforgettable moments with its expertly crafted groom and bridal wear. PoshRobe also boasts an extensive range of traditional and western dresses to promote reusability and sustainability.

MUQAWIL - Heavy Equipment Rental Marketplace for Contractors Saudi Arabia

Heavy Equipment Rental Marketplace for Contractors

MUQAWIL is an NGO-owned heavy equipment marketplace developed for contractors working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With the help of Yo!Rent, MUQAWIL rents out branded industrial equipment, earth-moving equipment and road construction equipment all over the country. Moreover, Yo!Rent's advanced Right-to-Left (RTL) language support helps MUQAWIL provide a satisfying rental experience to local contractors

Equipment Rental Network - YoRent powered Heavy Equipment Rental Business Jamaica

Equipment Rental Network

As a complete sourcing network for construction equipment, our client Equipment Rental Network is a facilitator that helps equipment dealers and suppliers flourish in the industry. With the help of Yo!Rent, the client is easily able to manage a diverse product catalog of road building, earthmoving, material handling and industrial construction equipment.

Motorpool-Exotic Cars Marketplace United States

P2P Car and Vehicle Rental Platform

MotorPool is a peer-to-peer marketplace to lend all types of motor vehicles including cars, bikes, RVs, trucks and even boats. With the help of Yo!Rent vehicle rental software, MotorPool streamlines peer-to-peer operations, including processes such as payments, commission, catalog and user management.

Rental Kosava - Exotic Cars Marketplace Kosovo

Multi-Vendor Car Rental Marketplace

Rental Kosova is a marketplace for local car rental services where they can list their fleet and reach out to diverse audiences. As an online marketplace, Rental Kosova focuses towards a more sustainable and holistic approach for growth where local dealers can also access and benefit from digital growth opportunities.

Wrent-it - Equipment rental marketplace United Kingdom

Peer-to-Peer Fashion Rental Marketplace

Wrent It is a peer-to-peer fashion rental marketplace that primarily deals in contemporary and streetwear clothing. Being a contributor in sustainable economy, Wrent It uses Yo!Rent’s multi-vendor capabilities to operate online P2P operations and manage multiple user profiles, rental agreements and individual storefronts.

Chiar - Barbershop Chair Rental Marketplace USA

Barbershop Chair Rental Marketplace

Chiar is a Yo!Rent powered rental marketplace that helps talented hairstylists find professional workspaces in reputable barber shops. Whether they are looking for space to grow their craft or expand their profession in new towns, Chiar is the new go-to solution for all salon professionals.

Plant Rent Online - Construction Equipment Rental Marketplace Australia

Construction Equipment Rental Marketplace

Plant Rent Online is an Australia-based construction equipment rental marketplace that helps contractors find high-grade construction machinery for a variety of projects. It also provides free-of-cost listings to construction equipment suppliers.

Timberwolf Equipment Rentals - Firewood Equipment Rental Marketplace USA

Firewood Equipment Rental Marketplace

Timberwolf Equipment Rentals is a US-based marketplace for renting commercial firewood equipment. It also manufactures its own firewood equipment and has a diverse product catalog of heavy-duty log splitters, firewood processors, and debris separators.

Countries We Serve

Being a multi-currency and multi-lingual solution, Yo!Rent has helped numerous entrepreneurs materialize their rental business ventures in several non-native English speaking countries.

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Case Studies

See how we became trustable problem solvers for businesses in distinct rental niches

 Party Supplies Rental Business - Kouture Studios


Party Supplies and Equipment
Rental Business

Kouture Studios is an online rental website for party supplies and equipment. It allows event organizers, business owners and residential concierges to create an manage events, and rent equipment accordingly on an hourly or daily basis.

Heavy Equipment Rental Website - GearFlow


Online Heavy Equipment Rent & Sale
Marketplace Built with Yo!Rent

Gearflow is a marketplace for construction equipment that helps connect buyers, suppliers, contractors, and manufacturers from all across the USA. In 2019, the company raised $1.1 million in funding to support the growth of its platform.

Dress Rental Marketplace - Find Rent Wear

Find Rent Wear

A P2P Online Fashion
Rental Marketplace

Built with Yo!Rent, Find Rent Wear is a London based online fashion rental platform where users can list and rent luxury clothing, wardrobes and other designer creations. Owners can set up as an individual designer, luxury boutique.

Dress Rental Marketplace - Find Rent Wear


Adventure Gear Rental Store
Powered by Yo!Rent

Aloklub is a multilingual adventure gear rental store that houses equipment ranging from outdooring, electronic and DIYs. It also serves as an online product library based on the circular consumption concept that promotes sustainability.

Dress Rental Marketplace - Find Rent Wear


Renting and Selling Platform For Electric
Vehicles Store Powered by Yo!Rent

eWheelers is an eBike rental and comparison platform committed towards encouraging faster adoption of eMobility. Using the platform, original equipment manufacturers can enroll, track sales and confirm bookings.

Heavy Equipment Rental Website - GearFlow


Multi-Niche Online Rental
Marketplace Built With Yo!Rent

RentBubba is a rental aggregator marketplace launched with the goal to promote a responsible way of living. By connecting on RentBubba, anyone can rent anything from electronic items and home decor to garden supplies and power tools.

Client Testimonial

With the help of Yo!Rent, Big Fitness got an all-powerful platform to manage operations from the initial stage to the very end. It eliminated unnecessary tasks and solved numerous challenges for the client.

Key Highlights:
  • Yo!Rent's one flat fee is more affordable in comparison to Shopify and BigCommerce
  • Client migrated to Yo!Rent as it is a fully automated business solution integrated within the website
  • The marketplace functionality and interface are amongst the client's top three features of Yo!Rent

Why Clients Choose Yo!Rent

Yo!Rent is designed on the popular online rental business models. Numerous modules allow platform owners to tune the system to their business needs.Yo!Rent's customizability further allows it to adapt to new and unique requirements.

All Inclusive

Readymade solution with precisely developed all-inclusive features to streamline multitudes of online rental operations.

Highly Scalable

Comes with unlimited product listings, transactions, user profiles and admins profiles to accommodate business growth

Fully Customizable
Fully Customizable

Despite being an all-encompassing solution, Yo!Rent supports limitless customization capabilities to meet the entrepreneur vision.

Self Hosted

The option to self-host a marketplace on the server of their choice provides unrestrained control and authority to entrepreneurs.

Transparent and Secure
Transparent and Secure

The public demos of Yo!Rent are available on Yo!Rent with full transparency. Entrepreneurs only get what they see or even better.

Lifetime Owndership
Lifetime Ownership

The lifetime ownership of Yo!Rent eliminates monthly recurring payments and the impact of software development price inflation.

What Clients are Saying About Yo!Rent

Excellent group of people! Always willing to help and listen. FATbit's/YoRent team over delivered! I'm looking forward to continuing working together to maintain and improve the marketplace

Luke Powers, Founder and CEO

Very responsive and provided a complete working platform as well as immediate tech support

Sotiris Megoulis, Managing Director,

Magicom Single Member P.C.

The level of organized detail, ease of communication, and the fair pricing impressed us

Darryl V. Padgett Jr.

Director of Business Operations, KoutureBooth LLC

The project was built to my specification and any changes I required were accommodated where possible. The team were competent and prompt in responding to my queries.

Neeta Dusanjh, Founder and CEO

Was able to accomplish everything my rental website needed in a timely manner. Communication was excellent and the final project exceed my expectations.

Andrew Krampton

The product is at the top, it is better than prestashops or wordpress cms, the team is reactive from start to finish, we are satisfied with the service.

William Chiechio

Exhibiting unmatched development skills, FATbit Technologies has successfully created a friendly-user and exquisite website. The team has communicated well to provide progress updates and feedback. Their adeptness has been impressive throughout the workflow.

Greg Alsbury, Founder

Although we have a major time difference - I appreciate that the team has been very responsive to my emails and questions.

Sed, Co-founder

FATbit Technology is a reliable firm. Customer support is fast and professional. Thanks to them for making our project a reality. Professionalism and timely delivery of project is what I like most.

David Fakoya

After the handover they were brilliant at responding to any questions that we had. The team was proactive in reaching out and following up with us to see if everything was ok or if we needed any help with anything.

Shu Hiong Tan

If you are looking for a complete platform, quality after-sales support and a serious company, YO RENT will be your choice.

Marcelo N

The most impressive aspect of the product is the layout and the adaptability of the platform.

Julie and Michael Lapointe, Owners

Overall the website design is great and the team was very responsive with our questions

Tahia Hocking, Founder

We considered several software development firms. None had an already available product, so we picked FATbit (Yo!Rent) for lower price and faster delivery.

Maria Claudia Rus, Owner

Price, product offer and quality makes the product stand out over others. Fast project delivery was most impressive.

Agung Sedayu, Owner

We evaluated Arcadier, Jungleworks, Sharetribe. You really understood and studied all the needs that we will use for the rental equipment business.

"Best option price/quality i found at the market. Yo!Rent provides the right tools for the business and they revealed a profund know-how of the problems"

Diogo A., CEO


"The booking feature is very rich, the embedded chat feature and the fact that the vendors can also choose to sell their equipment . And most importantly, the best feature for me on Yo!rent is that the buyer can choose to request for a custom price from the vendor which leads to price negotiations all done on the platform"

Tope S., CEO


"I have had a great experience, the product is well built and very effective; however, the product team support has been nothing short of stellar. My account and product management team have really supported our business through each of our iterative development stages which have been a great source of support and strength in our success. We look forward to a continued working relationship."

Wycliffe R., Owner

Equipment Rental Network

"Great Solution which works well and is intuitive, was well thought out and offers very many functions. We also have other FATbit solutions and are very satisfied, we will certainly do other projects together. Can recommend them."

Sherif B., System Engineer

Rental Kosova

"We like this software because it easy to use and also the layout design are beautiful. Furthermore, this software helps us to manage the rental products."

Budiman B. , Managing Director


"Most Advanced Rental Software Solution because of the customizability and feature set, it was easy for us to make the decision. We were able to get so many features and design changes without ruining the efficiency of the software."

Niels S.


Awards & Recognition

Rental Success Stories with Yo!Rent

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