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About RentBubba

RentBubba is a rental aggregator marketplace launched with the goal to promote a responsible way of living. By connecting rental product owners with seekers, it not only reduces wastage but also provides cost-effective solutions to everyday problems. On RentBubba, one can rent anything from electronic items and home decor to garden supplies and power tools.

Defining The Key Requirements & Scope

With a multi-vendor and multi-category rental marketplace in mind, RentBubba required a solution that is highly-capable of conducting frictionless multi-vendor operations and also manage various types of product listings without complicating the design and management.

To resolve the aforementioned problems, RentBubba wanted FATbit (Yo!Rent) to assist with the following:
  • Create an online business ecosystem with full-fledged support for multi-vendor operations
  • Provide a clutter-free action-oriented design that resembled sophistication despite featuring multi-category products
  • Optimize the solution to make it more market-friendly with quick view and city-based search offerings
Multi-vendor Rental - RentBubba

How FATbit (Yo!Rent) Helped?

Our industrial experts evaluated the client’s every requirement and deployed Yo!Rent online rental software to get the agility and precision required to handle multi-faceted rental operations. We also refined the design for a complete and viable UI transformation that spoke for multiple product niches instead of a specific product category or microsegment. To improve search and product navigation, we integrated features that further enhanced the customer journey and shortened time-to-cart. Our advanced rental calendar also prevented double booking and assisted in invoicing to reduce the overall checkout time.

Key Features Deployed

Independent Vendor Storefronts
Service Fee Management
Vendor-end Inventory Management
Product Level Multi-category Assignment
Rental Agreement Attachment
Terms and Conditions Pop Up
Admin Defined Minimum Rental Price
Shop Name Confirmation
Auto acceptance on/off
Default Product Image Selection
Custom Earnings Withdrawal Form
Earnings Withdrawal Password
Precise/Broad GPS Positioning Toggle
Custom Vendor Registration Form


We curated a flexible roadmap to develop the proposed platform for the client. The process included designing and development to meet all the objectives. The project delivery with all the proposed functionalities was achieved after meticulous testing and successful deployment.

Multi-vendor Rental website design

We constructed a purposeful design to integrate the required modules and functionality in the platform.

Multi-vendor Rental marketplace development

The development stage involved extensive prototyping for various use-cases and capabilities of the platform.

Multi-vendor Rental platform testing

Rigorous testing perfected the pre-deployment build and sculpted quality into the end-product.

Multi-vendor Rental Website

We deployed the platform on the client’s server and configured preferences and settings.

Rental eCommerce Support

We provided the client 1-year of free technical support to resolve any issues that may arrive post-deployment.

Purpose Oriented UI/UX Capabilities that Align with Multi-Niche Operations

Rental Store Software Feature - Balanced UI/UX Design<

Balanced UI/UX Design

A clean and clutter-free interface with neutral accents for balanced emphasis on all product categories

Rental Store Software Feature - Quick View

Quick View Option for Faster Navigation

Enabled faster navigation to improve the overall browsing experience and assist decision making

Rental Store Software Feature - Map, Grid and List Search Views

Map, Grid and List Search Views

Offer users the freedom to view products in their preferred format with grid, list and map view options for better engagement

Technology Stack

3rd Party APIs

Maps API

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