4 Steps To Get Your Online Rental Marketplace Started

Yo!Rent is developed with meticulous care to render a self-intuitive and engaging experience. The same principles are applied in the installation process to offer you maximum convenience.

Step 1
Get Yo!Rent License

In order to use Yo!Rent, you need to purchase a license that comes with all the exciting features that can be seen on the instant demos. The license carries a lifetime validity and there's no recurring fee for its ownership. The cost of license increases if you opt for additional customizations over the default system of Yo!Rent.

Yo!Rent License
Step 2
Get Your Rental Marketplace Installed

Both the Yo!Rent packages offer a self-hosted platform, so all you need is a domain name and server space from a hosting service of your preference. We assign a dedicated expert to coordinate with your technical team for server specifications. After a successful pre-installation testing of the system, our team deploys Yo!Rent on your selected server.

  • FREE Installation
  • Fully Customizable
  • 1 Year Free Technical Support
Get Your Rental Marketplace Installed
Project Coordinator
Project Coordinator

A dedicated project coordinator acts as your point of contact for your entire project related queries and feedback on development.

Tech Specification
Tech Specification

Our project coordinator maps out and shares the technical details related to server and hosting services with your team.

Testing and Deployment
Testing & Deployment

Testing is performed to check for any errors and glitches in the system. Once results are satisfactory, YoRent is deployed on your server.

Configure Your Rental Marketplace

With the installation complete, you might want to configure a few settings to make the platform personalized and suited to your needs. Some of the major settings include country/region management, currency management, third party APIs, Commission settings, Email & SMS templates & Payment Methods. To facilitate effortless management, Yo!Rent offers:

  • Analytics & Reporting Tools
  • Localization Setting
  • Secure Checkouts
  • Multilingual Functionality
  • Email Notifications
  • SEO Optimized Code & Layout
  • Multiple Payment Gateways
  • Simplified Management of CMS pages
Step 3
Add Products to Your Marketplace

After you're done with the configuration setting, it's time now to start adding some rentable items on your rental marketplace. Yo!Rent offers a catalog management feature to simplify the listing process. Multiple checks are in place to ensure only the products that meet your website's privacy policies get approved for listing. Furthermore, products can be listed for either renting or selling or both renting as well as selling.

  • Real-Time Inventory Management
  • Smart Review management
  • Catalog Management
How to Add Products to Your Marketplace
Step 4
Launch Your Rental Marketplace

Finally, you're ready to launch your online rental marketplace. Yo!Rent offers some key marketing features to help you spread the word about your website. Simplified management is the cornerstone of our platform. From monitoring progress, approving requests and adding new features everything is always a click away.

  • Intuitive UX design
  • Multi-Channel Support
  • Multiple Revenue Channels
Launch Your Rental Marketplace

Overcome Rental Industry Problems with Yo!Rent

Yo!Rent empowers you to unlock the maximum growth potential of your rental marketplace by resolving all day-to-day problems.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Yo!Rent work? In what programming language is the source code written?

Yo!Rent is a rental marketplace solution to build multi-vendor rental websites where renters can showcase, rent & sell their products. Yo!Rent is a fully customizable and scalable solution packed with advanced features. It works in the following manner:

  • Renters upload product listings on Yo!Rent and set the rental fee
  • Customers browse those listings and place a rental order
  • To complete the order, customers pay a refundable security deposit, which is deducted in case of product damages
  • The marketplace owner (the admin) earns via commission and various other revenue streams available on the platform

Yo!Rent is programmed in the PHP language. For complete information about its Technology stack, please click here.

Does Yo!Rent support rent, sell and purchase operations?

Yes. Yo!Rent is a platform for building a marketplace wherein the vendors can register themselves to showcase products for both renting and selling. Admin has the flexibility to disable the rental option on individual listings as per business requirements. On Yo!Rent powered P2P marketplaces, customers can rent, sell and purchase products.

Does Yo!Rent have a detailed documentation about each feature?

Yes. Yo!Rent comes with detailed user manuals with explanations for each and every feature in the system. You can also contact our support team for the same.

Do I pay more as the platform grows or is there a one time fee?

Yo!Rent is available with a lifetime license. Meaning, there are no recurrent costs involved and the buyer obtains the entire software at one time payment. Do note that in the case of milestones payment method, the entire payment is split into a number of months, which makes the payment recurrent.

Does Yo!Rent Follow an NDA Policy Clause?

Yes. To protect the confidential information with which clients trust us, we are ready to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Share your NDA requirements with our sales experts at the time of project discussion.

How does a Yo!Rent powered marketplace handle payments/money flow? Is there a flowchart that explains the same?

Everytime a customer makes a payment, the amount transfers to the owners’ business account. After the owners’ commission is deducted, the payment is stored in the customer’s online wallet. To withdraw the payment, renters can send withdrawal requests that are manually attended by the website admin. The admin can transfer the payment to the renter via bank transfer or PayPal. For more details, read this information.

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