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About RNS Exotics

RNS Exotics is a luxury car rental platform with the aim to provide customers with exhilarating memories for lifetime. With an eclectic fleet of high performance cars, RNS Exotics lends enthusiasts their dream cars at daily rental pricing for various purposes such as leisure, photoshoots, music videos, weddings and corporate events. From elegant Rolls Royce and Mercedes to sleek and stylish Ferrari and Lamborghini, you can rent them all on RNS Exotic.

Defining The Key Requirements

RNS Exotics is a renowned player in an industry that lends automobiles costing a fortune. Thus, to ensure the safety and security of both its fleet and customers, RNS Exotics needed a platform that could verify genuine borrowers before lending. Moreover, to meet the high expectations of the targeted audience, RNS Exotics needed a splendid design and easy-to-use interface.

Where RNS Exotics Needed Maximum Momentum
  • To build a secure platform with identity verification system
  • A revamped design that catered to the industry’s requirements with next level rental capabilities to simplify daily rentals and payments
  • A complete order management system that could help the client process overdue returns
Luxury Car Rental Marketplace - RNS Exotics

How FATbit (YoRent) Helped?

Our experts analyzed the client’s proposition and made the required customizations in Yo!Rent to effectively address the aforementioned complexities. In the end-solution, we provided the client with an in-built document verification system that helped verify customer’s identity proofs and address proofs right on the platform. We also inaugurated a vibrant and practical design with a bold and distinctive color palette to meet the target audience’s high expectations.

Key Features Deployed:

  • Document verification module
  • Rental security management
  • Late cancellations and returns management
  • Rental add-on products and services
  • Rental inventory management
  • Maintenance buffer period
  • Tiered pricing
Luxury Car Rental Marketplace - RNS Exotics


To develop a high-performance rental platform for RNS Exotics, our team collected the relevant data points from the client and constructed a hypothesis to figure out the required customizations in Yo!Rent. With clear software requirements specifications, our developers created an end-product that sufficiently addressed the client’s business problems.

Multi-vendor Rental website design

We crafted a design that could stand out from the regular car rental stores and symbolize luxury to match the client’s value proposition.

Multi-vendor Rental marketplace development

We further enhanced the code to ensure a safe and secure car rental platform with advanced rent-centric capabilities.

Multi-vendor Rental platform testing

Repetitive quality analysis rounds for functionality and performance testing helped us perfect the new build for release.

Multi-vendor Rental Website

Our team deployed the final build on the client’s server and provided complete documentation and assistance for smooth on-boarding

Rental eCommerce Support

Like all our clients, we also provided RNS Exotics with one year of free technical support, inclusive of training and bug fixes.

Technology Stack

3rd Party APIs

Google Map
Google Fonts

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