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YoRent - Rental Software To Start Your Rental Marketplace

An Online Rental Software that Works for All Popular Rental Niches

While each rental niche consists of slight variations in its processes and use cases, the basic rental operations stay much the same across the whole industry. As a ready-made and fully customizable online rental software, Yo!Rent enables businesses from the whole spectrum of the industry to build their single-vendor/multi-vendor marketplaces with endless capabilities.

Equipment Rental

Equipment Rental

Equipment Rental

Home to illustrious names like United Rental and Herc Rental, this niche is at the heart of the rental economy. With Yo!Rent, build a marketplace tuned to the needs of EPCs, MEPs and contractors.

Dress Rental

Dress Rental

Dress Rental

Dress rental stands out as one of the most iconic markets in the rental economy. With Yo!Rent's tailor-made designs and features , launch an online dress rental marketplace platform like Rent The Runway.

Car Rental

Car Rental

Car Rental

Car rental is a huge market segmented for varied audience groups with diverse requirements. Yo!Rent rental software allows you to build a marketplace platform like Turo with its versatile architecture and feature sets.

Adventure Gear

Adventure Gear

Adventure Gear

With the rise of platforms like Gearo and REI, we've witnessed tremendous growth in this market. Yo!Rent offers the perfect framework to launch an online adventure gear rental marketplace.

Furniture Rental

Furniture Rental

Furniture Rental

A generational shift, environmental concerns, and pandemic have all propelled the furniture rental market. Build a platform like Cort or LiveFeather with Yo!Rent to tap into this niche.

Party Supplies

Party Supplies

Party Supplies

With a year around demand for party supplies rental, this niche is soon starting to make a name for itself. Launch a rental marketplace like PartyRent with Yo!Rent to enter this promising market.

Textbook Rental

Dumpster Rental

Textbook Rental

The surging demand for rental dumpsters at residential, commercial and industrial sites is giving the dumpster rental industry new heights. Yo!Rent rental software caters to every use case required to fulfill dumpster rental requirements.

Boat Rental

Boat Rental

Boat Rental

The digitization of boat rental services has come about at an express pace. Launch your own rental platform like Getmyboat or Rentaboat using Yo!Rent's advancing rental booking system.

Camera Rental

Camera Rental

Camera Rental

With the obvious cost benefit, camera rental as a service is gaining popularity across various audience groups. Yo!Rent offers the ideal solution to build an online camera rental marketplace.

Dedicated Solutions for your Preferred Online Rental Business Models

Yo!Rent is available in two variants - Yo!Rent for multi-vendor businesses and Yo!Rent Lite for single-vendor business owners. Both of the variants are designed keeping in view the individual requirements and an expansive range of use-cases across these business models.

Slide Multi-vendor Rental Business Model

This business model is based around the marketplace concept where business owner/admin invites multiple sellers/vendors to register and list their products. Customers place rental requests on the listed products. These requests are approved by sellers/vendors and the product is dispatched to customers’ location. Products are returned back to the sellers at the end of rental duration.

Online Rental Businesses Powered by Yo!Rent

Diamonds Ledger - Aggregate Jewelry Marketplace

Diamonds Ledger is an aggregate jewelry marketplace that deals in elegant gold and diamond jewelry. Powered by Yo!Rent, Diamonds Ledger leverages our solution’s in-built sales capabilities in addition to the comprehensive vendor management system to simplify eCommerce marketplace operations.

Country: Singapore
diamonds-legedar - YoRent powered  rental marketplace

MUQAWIL - Heavy Equipment Rental Marketplace for Contractors

MUQAWIL is an NGO-owned heavy equipment marketplace developed for contractors working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With the help of Yo!Rent, MUQAWIL rents out branded industrial equipment, earth-moving equipment and road construction equipment all over the country. Moreover, Yo!Rent's advanced Right-to-Left (RTL) language support helps MUQAWIL provide a satisfying rental experience to local contractors

Country: Saudi Arabia
MUQAWIL - Heavy Equipment Rental Marketplace for Contractors

You-Trade: B2B Agricultural Products Marketplace

You-Trade is a one-stop solution for all kinds of agricultural products. Its product catalog ranges from agriculture equipment, spare parts and fertilizers to seeds, poultry and livestock. You-Trade has been empowering farmers from the past 15 years and utilizes Yo!Rent’s sales framework to run multi-vendor sales operations.

Country: Singapore
You-trade - YoRent powered rental marketplace

Aquaveho: US-based Boat Rental Platform

Aquaveho is a water sports rental platform that specializes in kayaks, yachts and motor boat rentals. With a custom interface and tiered pricing functionality of Yo!Rent, Aquaveho runs smooth boat rental operations for general recreation purposes.

Country: United States
aquaveh - YoRent powered rental marketplace

Rentalaya- B2B Event Equipment Rental Platform

Powering stage events and entertainment all across Romania, Rentalya is a B2B audio video equipment rental marketplace that helps individual music artists, bands, event organizers, ad agencies, and more find reliable sources for procuring all required AV equipment.

Country: Romania
Rentalaya- B2B Event Equipment Rental Platform

Audio-Visual Equipment Rental Platform

Aplusevent Rentals an audio-visual equipment rental platform that provides high-grade equipment to event organizers. Aplus Event Rentals has a full-fledged inventory to organize large scale indoor and outdoor events.

Country: Saudi Arabia
Aplusevent - AV equipment rental marketplace

ProRent: Multi-Category Rental Aggegator

ProRentis a multi-category rental marketplace that provides people with a 100% safe and secure platform to rent a diverse range of products from independent rental store owners. To fortify their platform, the client relied on Yo!Rent’s rental security, payment gateways, catalog management and inventory management systems.

Country: Thailand
ProRent- First Rental Marketplace in Thailand

PoshRobe - Wedding Dress Rental Marketplace

PoshRobe is an India-based luxury wear rental platform. It helps people make truly unforgettable moments with its expertly crafted groom and bridal wear. PoshRobe also boasts an extensive range of traditional and western dresses to promote reusability and sustainability.

Country: India
Poshrobe - Luxry Wear rental marketplace

Stages Furniture: Marketplace for Rental Furniture

Stages Furniture helps modern families build elegant homes with its fascinating furniture range, which includes everything from living room furniture to bedroom, kitchen & dining and lighting. Yo!Rent provides Stages Furniture with advanced capabilities to rent out costly furniture and manage returns.

Country: USA
Stages - Yo!Rent product

Multi-Category Online Rental Marketplace

JustRent is a Grecian all-inclusive rental marketplace that offers rental utility equipment and vehicles to both businesses and homeowners. Its product offering ranges across medical tools, plumbing/carpentering machinery, event supplies, and vans & trucks.

Country: Greece
JustRent - YoRent powered multi-category rental marketplace

Mexico's First Heavy Equipment Rental Marketplace

FAINDaMAQ is Mexico's first-ever intelligent heavy equipment rental platform where contractors can buy, rent and even find financing options to source heavy machinery. FAINDaMAQ is dedicated to ensure fast, simple and profitable sourcing.

Country: Mexico
FAINDaMAQ - YoRent powered Heavy Equipment Rental Business

Audio-Video Rental Marketplace for Professionals

StageWing provides audio-video equipment and music gear to DJs and stage professionals. It also helps the music community develop by connecting equipment-seekers and providers with its Peer-to-Peer business model.

Country: USA
Product Page

B2B Construction Equipment Rent/Sale Marketplace

Gearflow is an online B2B construction equipment marketplace built with Yo!Rent to connect dealers, OEMs, contractors and spare part sellers from all across the US.

Country: USA
View Case Study
Gearflow - B2B Construction equipment rental marketplace

Rent This- Equipment Rental Marketplace

Rent This is a heavy equipment rental marketplace launched during the pandemic to help maintain the supply chain and provide construction companies and contractors with reliable heavy equipment. Furthermore, it also provides rental trucks, vehicles and dumpsters.

Country: USA
Rent This- Equipment Rental Marketplace

Standout Features to Deliver More Business Value

Yo!Rent comprises a number of key features designed to add more value in the offerings of an online rental marketplace. Yo!Rent is a powerhouse of features and controls to manage every aspect of an online rental platform. It comprises key modules to drill down to the details and define how your rental marketplace platform should interact with its end-users.

Price Surge

Make the most of occasional upticks in demand by enabling automated price surge settings right down to individual products.

Agreement Management & e-sign

Allow product owners/vendors to upload rental agreements for heavy equipment, which can then be reviewed and e-signed by customers at the time of checkout.

Product Inspection

Use this module to allow customers a time window before rental starts to inspect for any faults or damages in delivered items and place return requests.

Tiered Pricing

Allow product owners/vendors the flexibility to set daily, weekly or monthly prices for their products. Incentivize deals by offering discounts on long-term rentals.

Document Verification

Add another layer to security of the rental process by enabling document verification during checkout; ideal in car and equipment rentals.

YoRent Price Surge feature

More Features to Manage your Online Rental Marketplace Platform

The confluence of ecommerce with the growing rental economy has caused a tectonic shift in the business dynamics. Both in the B2B and B2C segments, technology is challenging and redefining the status quo. In such a disruptive scenario, rental businesses face the urgent need to invest in digital solutions to stay ahead of the curve.

Late Return
Add-On Services
Map View For
Advanced Search
Price Surge

In-Depth Insights on the State of Rental Industry 2022-2027

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  • Key rental business challenges and resolutions
  • Competitive landscape with revenue projections
  • Technological innovations for future investments

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An inviting product page greets users with all the relevant information they seek about a product. The page consists:

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  • Rental Services

Get a Closer Look at Yo!Rent With our Instant Demos

Whatever your niche or business type, you can get a fair picture of how it'll perform with Yo!Rent using our instant demos for Front End, Buyer Module and Admin Panel for both Single and Multi-vendor systems. User-credentials are prefilled and you can start exploring the demo by simply clicking on the login button.

What Clients are Saying About Yo!Rent

"I have had a great experience, the product is well built and very effective; however, the product team support has been nothing short of stellar. My account and product management team have really supported our business through each of our iterative development stages which have been a great source of support and strength in our success. We look forward to a continued working relationship."

Wycliffe R., Owner

Equipment Rental Network

FATbit Technologies was very responsive and provided a complete working platform as well as immediate tech support. FATbit Technologies created a multi-vendor platform to sell and rent tools and machinery. The solution encompasses a mobile version and allows for refundable rent security.

Sotiris Megoulis, Managing Director

Magicom Single Member P.C.

The level of organized detail, ease of communication, and the fair pricing impressed us. I highly recommend FATbit for any organization looking to enhance their e-commerce web platform with a clear vision for how to execute it.

Darryl V. Padgett Jr.

Director of Business Operations, KoutureBooth LLC

Flexible product to customize according to business requirements. Good support team. Excellent understanding of technical requirements of clients.

Vasu Deva Reddy Beerala , Founder & CEO


"Excellent group of people! Always willing to help and listen. FATbit's/YoRent team overdelivered! I'm looking forward to continuing working together to maintain and improve the marketplace"

Luke Powers, Founder and CEO


"Best option price/quality i found at the market. Yo!Rent provides the right tools for the business and they revealed a profund know-how of the problems"

Diogo A., CEO


"The booking feature is very rich, the embedded chat feature and the fact that the vendors can also choose to sell their equipment . And most importantly, the best feature for me on Yo!rent is that the buyer can choose to request for a custom price from the vendor which leads to price negotiations all done on the platform"

Tope S., CEO


"Great Solution which works well and is intuitive, was well thought out and offers very many functions. We also have other FATbit solutions and are very satisfied, we will certainly do other projects together. Can recommend them."

Sherif B., System Engineer

Rental Kosova

"We like this software because it easy to use and also the layout design are beautiful. Furthermore, this software helps us to manage the rental products."

Budiman B. , Managing Director


"Most Advanced Rental Software Solution because of the customizability and feature set, it was easy for us to make the decision. We were able to get so many features and design changes without ruining the efficiency of the software."

Niels S.


Pre-Integrated APIs to Explore New Possibilities

An already sophisticated online rental software gets an injection of greater capabilities through several popular APIs. Pre-integrated in Yo!Rent, these APIs allow businesses to add more value to their services.

Facebook Pixel
Google Analytics
MSN Translator
Google Maps

Build your Online Rental Platform with Yo!Rent

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Yo!Rent - A Platform Studded with Functionalities that Enables Smooth Workflows

Virtually all segments of the rental economy are teeming with innovative businesses, each wanting to stake out a larger share of the market. Operating in a competitive environment like this calls for a solid foundation. In Yo!Rent, we offer a solution that can be banked upon to meet all your rental marketplace needs.

Yo!Rent is designed on the popular online rental business models. Numerous modules allow platform owners to tune the system to their business needs. Yo!Rent's customizability further allows it to adapt to new and unique requirements.

  • Custom Web Applications
  • Niche Oriented Designs
  • Custom Feature Integration
  • 20+ Payment Gateways
  • Extra Backend Functionalities

Yo!Rent Partnership Programs

Become a white-label partner with Yo!Rent and resell our solution under your brand name. Our white-label program enables you to focus on selling the online rental solution and controlling the profits while we stay anonymous. Yo!Rent team will be your outsourcing and final deployment partner.

Expand Business Reach
Expand Business Reach
Rebrand and Resell
Rebrand and Resell
Additional Revenue Stream
Additional Revenue Stream

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Refer the industry’s most advanced rental software to your clients and earn impressive commission on each and every referral. Moreover, we will manage the demo and customer support for you so that you can rest free while increasing your revenue streams.

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Additional Revenue Stream
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Yo!Rent licensing work?

Yo!Rent lifetime license is available at a one-time cost, which will remain the same no matter how much your business grows. This means you will not be required to pay us anything extra for the ownership of the license.

Can I change the domain name in my license?

Yo!Rent lifetime license is only valid for the domain registered at the time of purchase. However, for any reason if clients need a domain name change, they can get it at an extra cost of 50 USD within only 6 months of purchase. In such a scenario, the previously issued license will be considered invalid.

Do I need to learn coding to use YoRent?

Yo!Rent does not require any prior programming knowledge. Basic computer knowledge is enough to use the online rental software and set up your online rental store.

How much do you charge for installation?

Our team does not levy any installation charges on our clients. All installations are done free of cost on client servers.

In what countries and languages can I use YoRent?

Yo!Rent supports multilingual and multi-currency functionalities to process cross-border business operations. Due to these two features, it can be used to power rental marketplaces all around the globe.

I haven’t found the answer to my question here. How to contact you?

You're welcome to ask any questions about our online rental software and how to start a rental marketplace by contacting us via this form.

Can I use YoRent to start both single-vendor and multi-vendor rental websites?

Yo!Rent is a comprehensive rental software that supports multiple rental niches and business models. These include both single vendor and multi-vendor marketplaces as well. Please check our single-vendor and multi-vendor solutions for more info.

Yo!Rent is built using which technology stack?
Core Platform:

Yo!Rent is developed with LAMP stack as development platform.LAMP stack can further be classified as follows:

  • L (Linux Operating System) - World’s most favored open source operating system for servers, which can be configured to handle large enterprise web applications without compromising with security.
  • A (Apache Web Server) - The perfect open source solution to handle large volume of web traffic without hampering network speed.
  • M (MySQL Database) -An easy to maintain relational database management system that can easily handle terabytes of data.
  • P (PHP Web Development Language)-The language that powers Facebook, WordPress, Wikipedia, and more.
Updated and Secure

The entire LAMP stack is based on open source development model, which means that developers from around the world contribute to make LAMP, the most secure and updated platform for other to build on.


Being world’s most popular web development platform, it’s easier to get more developers to work on this stack and hence, maintenance and enhancement cost is much lower as compared to other technologies.

Web Framework:

Our product is based on MVC pattern, which makes it easier to maintain and enhances its security by giving the developer more control. Here are some additional benefits you get:

  • Testing of new features is easier
  • Saves time as most of the code is reusable
  • Better integration of business logic with user interface
  • Clean and controlled output for better end user experience
  • Makes the entire framework much easier to maintain

Developed over FATbit framework, Yo!rent is very easy to scale and comes with hardened security. The FATbit framework is very stable and empowers hundreds of enterprise and medium scale web based applications.

JavaScript Framework

There are many client side frameworks available these days but we use JavaScript, as it is most widely used one and most aggressively developed and improved.


Yo!Rent use jQuery-UI (user interface) which contains a lot of widgets, interactions, effects etc to make your application more appealing. This is an obvious choice if you are using jQuery.

Responsive UI

Smartphone users are gradually overtaking the number of desktop users. At FATbit, we understand this, which is why we implemented such a responsive UI that provides seamless experience across all devices.

Here are more advantages due to responsive nature of our products:

  • Flexibility - User has freedom to access the portal/marketplace on all the portable devices.
  • Unbeatable User Experience -The entire design of the store gets dynamically changed providing optimal user experience.
  • Cost effective - Save more by paying just for one platform, which adjusts on both smartphone and desktop.
  • SEO -Google recommends for all websites to have responsive UI.

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