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eCommerce Solution to Setup Online Renting Marketplace

Make the most of shared economy based business model with Yo!Rent. Launch your online rental marketplace and let your customers rent items like dresses, textbooks, furniture, cars, bikes, tools, gadgets, travel & sports gears and equipment as per their requirement. Choose Yo!Rent to get marketplace that engages your audience right from the first glance!


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Features That Will Outperform

Existing Rental Marketplaces

Yo!Rent packs a bundle of carefully curated features after an extensive research. The result is a rental marketplace system that boasts of everything you will ever need to drive your business towards growth and success.

  • Multi-vendor Functionality

  • renting and selling option

  • Real-time stock availability

  • intuitive UX design

  • Powerful Mobile Apps

  • Customizable System

  • In-built Analytics & Reporting

  • smart review management

  • Multiple revenue channels

Benefits you will get with Yo!Rent

  • Onetime cost and lifetime license

  • Flexi Payment option

  • FREE one year technical support

  • FREE Installation

  • FREE demo

  • Transparency in work progress

  • Multi channel support

  • Full source code

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Feature List

Know How Your Online Rental Marketplace Will Look and Function Like

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Online Heavy Equipment Rent & Sale Marketplace

Gearflow is a Yo!Rent powered online B2B construction equipment rental marketplace connecting buyers and sellers from all across the US. As an esteemed member of the ARA, Gearflow is committed to improve the convenience, selection and management of construction equipment and machinery.

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Our Testimonials

Excellent group of people! Always willing to help and listen. FATbit's/YoRent team overdelivered! I'm looking forward to continuing working together to maintain and improve the marketplace"

Luke PowersFounder and CEO

FATbit delivered my project in a professional manner. The project was built to my specification and any changes I required were accommodated where possible. The team were competent and prompt in responding to my queries. Post delivery the team have been extremely helpful in resolving any outstanding issues. Overall the quality of the website produced has been as expected and of a high standard."

Neeta DusanjhFounder and CEO

Launch Your Online Rental Marketplace

Yo!Rent empowers you to start your own online rent portal in a cost and time effective way. Check the different available packages and what they bring for your online business.

Go Quick

Limited Period Offer $999 $1999
Pay $250 Now, Rest after 3 months
  • Responsive Design (Default) Non Exclusive Rights
  • Domain Licenses (Single)
  • Editable Design
  • Full Source Code
  • Installation (FREE ? We provide installation support provided we get access to server which is remotely accessible (preferably with cPanel installed) and your server configuration is meeting the requirements as suggested for the application. We should have direct access to the server company support in case any configuration is required to be adjusted or in case we face any technical issues with the server settings. )
30-Days Money Back Guarantee

Go Custom

Limited Period Offer $5999 $6999
Pay 40% upfront, rest in milestones ?
  • - 40% Upfront prior to starting work
  • - 30% on completion of designing phase prior to start of development phase
  • - 30% on completion of the project, prior to moving files to your server.
  • Responsive Design (Custom) Exclusive Rights
  • Domain Licenses (Single)
  • Editable Design
  • Full Source Code
  • Installation (FREE ? We provide installation support provided we get access to server which is remotely accessible (preferably with cPanel installed) and your server configuration is meeting the requirements as suggested for the application. We should have direct access to the server company support in case any configuration is required to be adjusted or in case we face any technical issues with the server settings. )

Payment Options for Indian Customers: Indian clients can make payment via NEFT or IMPS. GST will be charged as applicable

*SSL integration cost: Without AWS: $100 and With AWS : $175.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Yo!Rent work? In what programming language is the source code written?

Yo!Rent is a rental marketplace solution to build multi-vendor rental website where sellers can showcase, rent & sell their products. Yo!Rent is a fully customizable and scalable solution packed with advanced features.

Admin is the main controller of website. Commission through product rentals, PPC and product ownership sales are the major sources of revenue generation in this business model.

Sellers can create a shop and list their products for rent or sale after specifying the rental price, sale price, security deposit, shipping etc. on the website.

Buyers are able to browse and view all the products under various categories and they can rent or purchase the same after making payments on the website. Buyers who wish to rent a product are charged a refundable security amount while renting the product on the website. Once the product is returned to the seller, the seller initiates the Security Refund in the system (Complete/Partial/No Refund) based on returned product condition.

Yo!Rent's source code is written in PHP language. For complete information on the Technology stack used, please click here.

Is the personalized demo FREE?

Yes, the personalized demo is free of cost for the first time.

Does GoQuick package include all the features? If not what does it leave out?

With Yo!Rent GoQuick package, you will get the complete web platform with default features and design as in the demo website. It doesn’t cover any custom requirements.

Is rent, sell & purchase possible with YoRent?

Yes. Yo!Rent is a platform for building a marketplace wherein the sellers can register themselves to showcase their products for both renting and selling. Admin has the flexibility to turn Rental option on/off as per the business needs.

Can the marketplace owner (Admin) modify the source code?

YoRent is a scalable and customizable solution and the clients can modify it as per their business requirements. The developers who will work on the code will have to familiarize themselves with FATbit's framework. For more information, please click here

How does a Yo!Rent powered Marketplace handle payments/money flow? Is there a flowchart that explains the same?

When a buyer makes a payment, the payment goes into Admin’s account and virtual payment is transferred to the seller's wallet after deducting Admin’s Commission. Once the seller requests for withdrawal, admin manually deposits the amount in sellers' bank/PayPal account. In seller's section, a form can be found under Account Information to add banking details. For extensive details, please follow link. Click Here

Does Yo!Rent offer mobile app solutions as well?

Yes, we do have readymade Android Buyer App to go with YoRent web for those businesses who want to increase their reach to a wider audience.

Does Yo!Rent have any geographical restrictions?

No, Yo!Rent doesn’t have any geographical restrictions. You can use this solution to launch your marketplace in any part of the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much customization is there in GoCustom Package?

The GoCustom package includes design customizations only. Any functional customization/feature addition is charged at $25/hr for exclusive rights and $18/hr for the non-exclusive rights. We do custom designing for the following pages:

  • Custom Homepage
  • 9 Inner Pages - Accessible without login
  • User dashboard and remaining pages' redesigning is excluded but we customize the look and feel to match the pages redesigned by us.
  • Additional customization will be done at an additional cost*.

Can you set up a demo system for my client to test out?

Yes, the personalized demo is free of cost for the first time.Yes, we can set-up a test demo for you, which will be hosted on our server and will be valid for a limited amount of time period.

Is it possible to add custom payment methods?

Yes, currently Yo!Rent comes integrated with 15+ payment gateways by-default. It's possible to integrate extra payment gateways into the Yo!Rent system. You may ask our team to perform the integration at an additional cost or have your own in-house team do that for you.

Yo!Rent comes integrated with following Payment Gateways:

  • Credit Card - Authorize.Net (AIM)
  • PayPal Payments Standard
  • Cash on Delivery
  • Bank Transfer
  • Amazon
  • Razorpay
  • Stripe
  • PayU Biz (India)
  • PayPal Adaptive Payments
  • Omise
  • CCAvenue
  • Khipu
  • Paytm
  • Citrus
  • Twocheckout
  • PayU money (India)
Does Yo!Rent support any reward-based system?

Yes, Yo!Rent comes with Referral Module which can be activated/deactivated by the Admin.

  • Users can share unique URL & earn reward points through referral module system.
  • Admin can manage the reward points for referrers as well as referrals on registration and first purchase.
Can a marketplace owner (Admin) perform editing in the code?Does your platform support P2P rental marketplace?

Yes, Yo!Rent supports B2C, B2B and P2P marketplaces.

Does Yo!Rent have a detailed documentation about each feature?

Yes, we can provide you with system manuals that detail each and every feature in the system. Feel free to contact our support team for the same.

Does Yo!Rent provide an option to put a hold on the buyers' credit card until the product is returned safely?

Yes. We do have ready-made apps for Buyers (Android) to go with Yo!Rent Web.Yes, Yo!Rent provides an option to hold the security deposit in the Portal's payment account. As of now CC hold is not there but can be implemented based on request.

Is there any seller/buyer verification method available in Yo!Rent?

Yes, Seller Approval forms can be managed from the Admin Panel. You can add multiple fields in order to gather required information for seller onboarding. You can test the features using the following link click here

Is there any provision in Yo!Rent to charge a customer for late return or product damage?

Yo!Rent offers a feature wherein Sellers can collect a security deposit from the User when they rent out a product through the platform. Seller then has the option to Refund (Full/Partial or No Refund) the security amount depending upon the date and condition of the returned product.

Is it possible to launch a Car Rental Marketplace with Yo!Rent?

We do not offer a readymade solution for a Car Rental Marketplace but we can customize an existing platform at an additional cost.


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