Online Boat Rental Industry Takes a Strong Upturn for Growth

The rise in disposable income has increased the participation of people in water-sports activities. Furthermore, the post-pandemic rise in tourism has spurred the demand for boat rentals across the globe. Starting an online boat rental platform with multiple offerings can be a suitable opportunity to bridge the gaps and create a stable source of income.

Established players in the boat rental industry:-

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  • The Boat Rental Market is projected to grow from a value of USD 18.45 Billion in 2021 to USD 29.67 Billion by 2029, with a compound annual growth rate of 6.12% during the forecast period of 2022 to 2029.
  • Boat rental charges can reach up to $10,000 per week for Monohull boats and $20,000 per week for super yachts.
  • Fuel-powered boats account for 68.5% the global boat rental market share whereas electric boats account for the lowest share in the rental market.
  • Europe is expected to be the fastest-growing market for boat rental businesses by the end of 2029, with a market share of 35.78%.
  • Boat Setter- A leading boat rental company successfully raised $38 million in its Series B funding.

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Allow Your Customers Rent Out Different Types Of Boats

Yo!Rent allows rental marketplace owners to lend different types of leisure, luxury, and sports boats.

Sail Boats
Jet Skis
Jet Ski
Cabin Cruiser

Revenue Generation Channels For An Online Boat Rental Business

Diversified sources of revenue aid in making your boat rental business financially stable. Yo!Rent, boat rental software, supports various channels to generate revenue. A few of them are as follows.


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Top Features To Automate The Workflow Of A Boat Rental Business

Rental Agreement Management

Let vendors/boat owners sanction their own terms and conditions with rental agreement management and eSign options.

Booking Management

Prevent overbooking, late returns, and improve order fulfillment rate with intelligent booking management features.

Rental Security Management

Collect advance rental security for rented boats which can be later utilized for damage recovery and settle unauthorized usage of the boat.

Analytics and Reports

Review analytics and go through the rental reports to identify key performance indicators that help in measuring the success of your boat rental business.

Product Comparison

Help your customers make informed decisions with the product comparison module. It allows boat comparison with respect to features and pricing.

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Aquaveho - US-based Boat Rental Platform

Aquaveho is a water sports rental platform that specializes in kayaks, yachts and motor boat rentals. With a custom interface and tiered pricing functionality of Yo!Rent, Aquaveho is able to run smooth boat rental operations for general recreation.

Country: United States

Pre-Integrated APIs for Enhanced Flexibility

Yo!Rent is pre-integrated with more than 20 APIs that enhance user engagement and improve efficiencies.

Twilo integration in YoRent
MSN-translator in YoRent
Mailchimp integration available in yorent
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Why Yo!Rent?

Yo!Rent is a leading rental software that helps entrepreneurs launch their online rental businesses easily. It comes equipped with business proficient modules that streamline rental operations and a user-friendly interface for increased customer engagement and retention. Further, Yo!Rent also allows business owners to customize and scale their rental marketplace, as per their requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Yo!Rent help in increasing the revenue of my boat rental business?

Yo!Rent being a trusted boat rental software for all types of boat rental businesses supports multiple revenue channels to make boat rental businesses profitable. Additionally, the software has cross-selling features to boost sales and business report generation tools to track business growth over time.

These are a few revenue channel YoRent have for Boat Rental Business:

  • Rental Commission
  • Sales Commission
  • Rental Add-ons
  • Featured Listings
  • Display Ads
  • Vendor Subscriptions
  • PPC Campaigns
What kind of boat rental websites can be built with Yo!Rent?

Yo!Rent has been built after careful consideration of rental processes and business models of B2B, B2C, and P2P boat rental businesses. The software has capabilities to build boat rental marketplaces like Click&Boat, BoatSetter and Nautal with additional features to manage security deposits, rental agreements, and so on.

Is there any user verification method available in Yo!Rent Rental Software?

Yes. Yo!Rent has seller approval forms which can be managed from the admin dashboard. The form contains all the requirements a business owner needs to verify the seller profiles. Furthermore, the admin can make use of the document verification module to validate the identity and address proof of the customers.

Is there any security management module available in Yo!Rent?

Yes, Yo!Rent has an advanced rental security deposit module that helps in protecting your boats from damage. Customers have to deposit an advanced rental security amount which can later be used to compensate for the damages. The security amount can also be refunded if the customer returns the boats in fine condition.

Can I migrate to Yo!Rent from my existing rental software?

Yes. Yo!Rent is the most suitable option if you are looking to migrate your existing boat rental website. Comparing to other boat rental software, Yo!Rent comes with unlimited product listings and seller profiles. It has all the rent-centric features required by a boat rental business and comes at a one-time payment for a lifetime license.

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