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Developed with broad functionality and ease-of-use in the center, Yo!Rent delivers hassle-free vehicle rental solutions.

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Key Types of Online Vehicle Rental Businesses

Redefine your car, bike, truck, RV, ATV, golf cart, boat, yacht, trailer and all other vehicle rental business with the decade's one of the most powerful vehicle rental software.

Top Names in the Vehicle Rental Industry

The vehicle rental industry serves both B2B and B2C sectors with logistics, transportation, general utility and recreation being the key facilitators of rental operations. The inclusion of P2P car business models further fuels the industry’s business potential.

Rental Business - Ahern
Equipment Rental Business- Tenderd
Heavy Equipment Rental Business
Style Lend

Disclaimer: FATbit/Yo!Rent is not associated or affiliated with any of the brand name or trademark used on the page. They are properties of their respective owners. Features of these websites may or may not vary from those available in Yo!Rent. Additional features or APIs can be added in the customization plan.

Multiple Revenue Channels for Vehicle Rental Businesses

Yo!Rent vehicle rental software brings multiple revenue channels to accomplish your rental business goals in a faster and collated approach.

Vehicle Rental
Vehicle Rental

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Core Features to Start an Online Vehicle Rental Business

eSign and Agreement Management

Enable vehicle owners to lay out their own rental conditions. With the help of eSign & agreement management, customers can ratify rental agreements directly on your marketplace.

Vehicle Inspection and Return

A dedicated module to allow customers inspect vehicles before beginning the rental period. By using this module, customers can accept the vehicle, generate a return request or inform any pre-existing damages to the vehicle owner.

Cancellation Period & Late Return Charges

Preserve order processing costs even in cancellations with the help of free and paid cancellation periods. Both admin and vehicle owners can set percentage charges for late returns and minimize loss.

Rental Security Management

Collect and manage rental security for every rented vehicle. Admin can use the security to reimburse any rental period damages, levy late return charges, or even release the security in full.

Tiered Pricing

Allow vehicle owners to set daily, weekly or monthly rental charges for increasing profit and finding desirable customers. These tiered pricing models can be switched anytime in case if a vehicle owner has a change of mind.

Add-On Services

Complement rental orders with add-on services like driver, fuel, mileage, trip insurance, vehicle wash, parking charges, child seats, WiFi hotspot and more. These add-on services are optional and customers can select them during the checkout process.

Timeless Design for all Vehicle Rental Businesses

An eye-catching layout that establishes a perfect balance between functionality, user friendliness and promotional elements. Yo!Rent vehicle rental homepage is designed to elevate the overall feel of your rental marketplace and is capable of featuring endless design possibilities with the help of block editor and theme management.

  • Advanced Search Options
  • Manageable Sections
  • Advertisement Banners
  • Featured Product Categories

How to Start an Online Vehicle
Rental Business with Yo!Rent Software

Get Yo!Rent License

Obtain Yo!Rent rental software license, which is valid for a lifetime

Setup & Installation

We will prepare and setup the solution on your hosting server absolutely free

Add Listings

Create multiple vehicle categories and start adding listings/invite vendors

Launch and Manage

Use Yo!Rent’s administration features to manage and scale your business

Why Use Yo!Rent Rental Software for Your Vehicle Rental Business?

In a world with volatile market fundamentals, our vehicle rental software brings the agility and control to deliver highly-convenient vehicle rental services and break through various technological barriers. Yo!Rent comes with a fully customizable architecture that enables entrepreneurs to provide exceptional value to their customers and capitalize on the lucrative business opportunities in the vehicle rental industry.

Customizable as per the distinctive requirements of any business. Make design changes, add features or revamp the dashboard, Yo!Rent gives innovative freedom to business owners.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does vehicle rental software work?

Yo!Rent vehicle rental software automates vehicle rental operations by allowing customers to view the available vehicle for rent themselves and place a rental order. The software digitally collects the payment and allows the vehicle owner/vendor to manage the booking through a dashboard panel. This panel is inclusive of booking management and returns/cancellations features.

What type of vehicles can rent-out through a website powered by YoRent?

Yo!Rent has diverse in-built features to support almost all types of vehicle rental businesses. Thus, on websites powered with Yo!Rent, a business owner can rent out vehicles like:

  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Bikes
  • Golf Carts
  • Trailers
  • ATVs
  • RVs
  • Boats
  • Yachts
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Vans and more.

Is it possible to launch a truck rental business like Penske with Yo!Rent?

Yes, it is possible to launch a website like Penske with the help of Yo!Rent truck rental software. Penske is a truck rental business that offers both commercial and personal truck & trailer rental solutions along with maintenance. Yo!Rent's advanced rental features such as RFQ, rental agreement management, eSign and service add-ons support all these value propositions.

How can the admin manage refunds in case of cancelled orders?

In case of any cancellations, both admin and vendor can view request status, cancellation charges and refundable amount in the cancellation requests tab.

  • First, the admin accepts or declines a cancellation request.
  • The vendor sees the request in the cancellation requests tab and processes the refund.
  • The admin marks the cancellation request as completed and the same is displayed to the vendor.
How does Yo!Rent help in managing late returns?

Yo!Rent comes with the functionality to automate late return deductions. For example, if the rental duration is extended by one day, then one day’s rental fee will be added to the billing amount of the customer. This fee is deducted from the customer’s rental security. Similarly, if an equipment is rented for a week or month, then a day’s extension will lead to the addition of a week or month’s rental fee in the overall billing amount.

How can a business owner ensure vehicle safety to vendors and owners?

To ensure vehicle safety, Yo!Rent comes with multiple features such as document verification, rental security management and custom shop policies.

  • With the help of the document verification module, vendors can collect identity proofs, address documents, driving licenses and all other legally obliged documents from the customers.
  • In case of any damages or late returns, vendors can also deduct reimbursement and late return charges from the customers rental security.
  • To levy any specific terms and conditions, vendors can create their custom shop policies and get them e-signed by customers at the time of checkout.
What kind of search functionalities are there in YoRent software?

Yo!Rent has multiple search options to simplify navigation for customers. It comes with a Map View filter and Location-Based search to help customers find rental vehicles in their nearby area. They can also refine the search further using Custom Search Filter options such as fuel type, brand, engine, kilometers/miles driven, pet-friendly, etc.

Can I use Yo!Rent to launch a golf cart rental business like National Carts?

National Carts is a renowned golf cart marketplace that both sells and lends golf carts. With the help of Yo!Rent golf cart rental software, it is possible to launch an online marketplace like National Carts. Yo!Rent supports both sales and rental functionalities to give flexibility in online operations. In addition, it also comes with an RFQ management module to handle large or corporate orders.

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