With over 40 years of experience, Foets is a Belgium-based business to rent and purchase high-grade material handling equipment (MHE), including forklifts, scissor lifts, excavators, gators, loaders, dumpers and aerial work platforms. Its fleet size is over 400 machines large and Foets also expertises in executing quick and reliable maintenance operations with its vast array of spare parts.

Foets Overview

Problem Statement and Key Requirements

Foets reached out to Yo!Rent to develop a full-fledged store that could handle its large fleet of equipment and provide extensive support for both rental and sales operations. Foets also needed a system that could catalog numerous brands and machine models. Lastly, Foets strategically targets big-ticket clients, for successfully catering to their requirements, a comprehensive RFQ management system was required.

Key Requirements:

  • A proper RFQ management system to handle custom price quotation requests
  • A custom checkout process to enhance the experience for both guests and registered users
  • An advanced fleet and catalog management system to accommodate its large inventory of 400+ machines and wide range of spare parts
  • Interface in Dutch language, which is the client’s Native language

How Yo!Rent Helped?

Our experts created a roadmap to systematically develop the client’s dream project. We deployed the agile development process to carry out the necessary customizations on the existing build of Yo!Rent and hone the software to perfection for client’s requirements. The end result was a stable build with extended functionalities and systemwide customizations. While Yo!Rent already provided the required sales capabilities right out-of-the-box, we had to implement the proposed user-interface enhancements to deliver on customer-centricity and a product level RFQ management system to help the client manage bespoke quotation requests.

Key Features Deployed:

  • Personalized Homepage Design : Custom homepage design as per the client's requirements to make the store even more industry-specific
  • Product Level RFQ Management : A proper RFQ management module to handle price quotation requests on a product level
  • Custom Product Filters: Implemented multiple changes in the search filter module to refine the overall browsing experience
  • Guest Checkout: Custom functionality to allow customers checkout as guests without providing any key details
  • Duration Discount Module: Admin can define and set a flat rate or percentage discount for a number of hours/days

Polished UI/UX Design for Increased Engagement Outcomes

Reimagined Interface

Reimagined Interface

Short and concise homepage with distinctive contrast for a more rugged MHE industry-specific design

Details-Oriented Product Page

Details-Oriented Product Page

Enhanced product page with PDF file attachment and accentuated product specifications

Optimized Search Filters

Optimized Search Filters

Industry-specific search filters to speed up browsing and provide a more intuitive user experience

Hybrid Business Model

Hybrid Business Model

Booking calendar, rental invoicing, and sales invoicing to support the Rent-plus-Sell hybrid business model

Our Process

We evaluated the client's requirements and gauged the scope of work to provide accurate estimations to the client. After issuing a Yo!Rent's lifetime license, our team decided to take the agile development route to develop the proposed platform and underwent rigorous quality assessment rounds to deliver a captivating MHE rental platform.

Multi-vendor Rental website design

We further enhanced the design to give it an industry-specific appearance and increase intuitiveness

Multi-vendor Rental marketplace development

We refined the source code to come up with a new build developed particularly for Foets

Multi-vendor Rental platform testing

The new build underwent rigorous rounds of testing to ensure smooth functioning of the platform

Multi-vendor Rental Website

We deployed the build on the client's server and provided proper training and documentation for onboarding

Rental eCommerce Support

Our 1-year of free technical support ensured the client effortless business operations without any technical issues

Technology Stack

3rd Party APIs

Google Analytics
Google Recaptcha
Nexmo SMS
Twitter Sharing
Google Maps

Client Testimonial

"Most Advanced Rental Software Solution"

Yo!Rent is very customizable. You can ask their team to add or remove any features. This gives you a lot of flexibility and is also cost effective as everything comes at a one-time price. In addition, Yo!Rent has an enormous range of features, like literally it is the maximum you can get in the industry. Because of the customizability and feature set, it was easy for us to make the decision. We were able to get so many features and design changes without ruining the efficiency of the software.

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