Adding Stability to your Scaffolding Rental Business

For successful scaffolding rental operations, entrepreneurs often have to overcome several roadblocks including ensuring timely repairs, costly shipping and logistics, arduous payment collection, fulfilling sudden demands, and managing late returns. With Yo!Rent, scaffolding rental business can not only overcome these challenges but also simplify payments, transport logistics and inventory management.

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  • Global scaffolding rental market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5% in the forecast period 2021-2027
  • Dominated by North America market , followed by Asia Pacific
  • Construction-industry is the largest end-user of rental scaffoldings
  • Frame and brace scaffoldings hold the maximum market share
  • Drone systems, 3D technology and eco-friendly scaffoldings are the key technologies driving growth in the industry

Steer Growth with Advanced Scaffolding Rental Software Features

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Driving Business Growth

Unlock the full potential of your scaffolding rental business with thoughtful features dedicated to help you grow. Yo!Rent provides the flexibility to venture beyond legacy growth engines to increase revenue and maximize business growth.

  • Bulk Order Management
  • Rental Add-on Products
  • Multi-vendor Support
  • Multi-lingual and Multi-currency Support
Rental Store Software Feature

Advanced Inventory Management

Track and manage all your inventory from a single dashboard. With Yo!Rent’s advanced inventory management module, business owners can also ensure timely returns and make data-driven restocking decisions.

  • Low level stock alerts
  • Overdue returns management
  • Unavailability management
  • Inventory reports
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Ensuring Product Security

Safeguard all rental scaffoldings and conduct online business operations with full peace of mind. Yo!Rent’s product security features are dedicated to ensure sustainable operations with encouraged safety and loss recovery measures.

  • Document verification
  • Rental security management
  • Product inspection
  • Agreement management
Rental Store Software Feature

State-of-the-Art UI and UX

Deliver superior customer experience with highly intuitive UI/UX capabilities. Accentuated with manageable web pages and enhanced design elements, Yo!Rent helps business owners launch visually appealing and expertly crafted rental stores.

  • Mangeable homepage
  • Map view, list view and grid view
  • Banner management
  • Quick product comparison
Rental Store Software Feature

Streamlining B2B Operations

Effectively cater the B2B audience with fit-for-purpose capabilities. With Yo!Rent, you get support for diverse B2B use cases such as custom orders, usage agreements and unprecedented rental date extensions.

  • Request for Quote (RFQ) module
  • Usage agreements
  • Bulk order management
  • Rental period extension

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There are numerous other rental software available in the market, but here’s what sets Yo!Rent apart from the rest

  • No Restricted Features - You get access to full features right from the beginning, no need to pay any extra cost
  • Everything Built-in- Yo!Rent comes with all essential features to run successful rental operations right out of the box
  • Industry-Specific Design - Create a solid brand image with Yo!Rent’s industry-specific designs and functionality
  • Self-Hosted - Get complete freedom to select fast or secure hosting server from your trustable hosting provider
  • Fully Customizable - Have any unique business requirements? Being fully customizable, Yo!Rent can match your expectations

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