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FAINDaMAQ is a heavy equipment rental marketplace for fast, simple, and secure equipment sourcing. It allows sellers to create their storefronts and list equipment for rent using convenient dashboards. The marketplace connects a wide network of verified sellers to potential customers with real-time communication. Besides, FAINDaMAQ also helps its customers find possible financing options for easy lending.

Website: www.faindamaq.mx

Defining The Key Requirements

Offline procurement of heavy equipment is an arduous task with multiple stakeholders involved at a time. Businesses with physical storefronts struggle in scaling their operations due to geographical limitations and operational costs. Lending heavy equipment without an online platform involves challenges including inventory management, resource fulfillment, accessibility, performance tracking, and so on. Moreover, it becomes difficult for customers to check multiple warehouses, compare products and finalize the equipment to rent.

To resolve the aforementioned problems, our client wanted Yo!Rent to assist with the following:
  • Create an online marketplace with built-in modules for coherent management of rental operations.
  • The rental marketplace to have a simple and visually compelling design for a seamless user experience.
  • Allow multiple vendors to list, sell and rent their heavy equipment from a single platform.
Heavy-Equipment-Rental-Marketplace - FAINDaMAQ

How Yo!Rent Helped?

Our industry experts deployed the latest version of Yo!Rent, “Yo!Rent V3” after carefully assessing the client requirements. We implemented features that match the latest industrial standards to accomplish the project. Our rental calendar was also employed to help the client with billing and to avoid overbooking for an optimized checkout time.

Key Features Deployed:

  • Multilingual functionality to serve a wider audience.
  • Product comparison module that helps customers make informed decisions.
  • Scheduled pickups feature for convenient renting.
  • Price surge and tiered pricing modules for competitive pricing.
  • Advance rental security management module.
Heavy-Equipment-Rental-Marketplace - FAINDaMAQ

The Process

We followed a step-by-step process to develop the platform proposed by the client. The steps included intuitive designing, prototyping, testing, and deployment on live environment.

Multi-vendor Rental website design

Our team of creative professionals architected purposeful design for a seamless user experience.

Multi-vendor Rental marketplace development

Our experts did additional development to build a platform that lives up to the stakeholder’s expectations in this phase.

Multi-vendor Rental platform testing

The platform was rigorously tested considering multiple perspectives, thereby, sculpting a quality end product.

Multi-vendor Rental Website

A fully functional platform was deployed on the client’s server and the preferred settings were configured.

Rental eCommerce Support

Our in-house delivery team provided 12 months of free technical support in situations where troubleshooting was required.

Technology Stack

3rd Party APIs

Paypal Split
Maps API

Client Testimonial


We evaluated Arcadier, Jungleworks, Sharetribe. You really understood and studied all the needs that we will use for the rental equipment business

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Co-founder at FAINDaMAQ

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