Online Dress Rental Business Models

Whether you’re planning to build a single-vendor website to exhibit a unique style of clothing or a multi-vendor marketplace with endless dresses and many sellers, Yo!Rent is the only solution you will need.

Multi-Vendor Rental Business Model

The global online clothing rental market is expected to reach a market value of USD 2,817.8 million by the end of 2027.

Single Vendor Dress Rental Business

The global online clothing rental market is expected to reach a market value of USD 2,817.8 million by the end of 2027.

Leading Businesses In The Online Dress Rental Industry

The online dress rental includes everything from formal wear, wedding dresses, costumes to urban clothing &
fashion accessories. Following are the popular names in this rapidly growing niche.

  • Dress Rental Business Rent the Runway
  • Share Wardrobe
  • Dress Rental Business - LeTote
  • Dress Rental Business - Swapdom
  • Dress Rental Marketplace - Style Lend
  • Flyrobe

Disclaimer: FATbit/Yo!Rent is not associated or affiliated with any of the brand name or trademark used on the page. They are properties of their respective owners. Features of these websites may or may not vary from those available in Yo!Rent. Additional features or APIs can be added in the customization plan.

Revenue Generation in Online Clothing Rental Business

Both the single and multi-vendor platforms share some common channels of revenue generation.
Yo!Rent provides all the essential ones for your website's success.

  • Dress Rental
  • PPC
  • Selling
  • vendor
  • Dress Rental
  • Product
  • PPC

Find Rent Wear -
Online Dress Rental
Marketplace - Powered
By Yo!Rent

Find-Rent-Wear is a London based P2P online fashion rental marketplace that allows users to list & rent luxury clothing, accessories, wardrobes & other designer creations.

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How to Start Your Online Dress Rental Business With Yo!Rent?

With Yo!Rent starting an online dress rental business is simple. We've taken out much of the technical
complexities of the process while still delivered maximum control in your hands.

Get Yo!Rent License

In order to use Yo!Rent, you need to purchase a license that comes with all the exciting features that can be seen on the instant demos. The license carries a lifetime validity and there's no recurring fee for its ownership. The cost of license increases if you opt for additional customizations over the default system of Yo!Rent.

Setup & Installation

Our technical experts work with your team to help deploy Yo!Rent on the web hosting server of your choice.

Add Listings

Your dress rental website is up and running. Start adding some dresses and accessories to liven it up.

Launch & Manage

Leverage Yo!Rent's in-built marketing features to launch your dress rental website with a powerful statement.

Start Your Clothing Rental Business With Yo!Rent

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Why Yo!Rent For Your Online Dress Rental Website?

Yo!Rent is a robust platform integrated with all the key features necessary for top-notch stability and
performance of an online rental marketplace. Being highly scalable and customizable, it will enable
your business, when it's ready, to take the next big step with ease and confidence.

  • Fully Customizable System
  • Highly Secured Rental Marketplace Software
  • Open Demo Links
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  • Lifetime License
  • Technical Support
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Frequently Asked Questions

How to manage the dress maintenance period on Yo!Rent?

Yo!Rent comes with a buffer period option that you can pre-define in the admin dashboard. For example, if you select the buffer period as three days, returned dresses will be only added back to the inventory after the completion of 3 additional days. Business owners can use the buffer period for product inspection and maintenance. The buffer period automates the inventory count and does not require the owner to input manually.

Does Yo!Rent have a functionality to manage penalties for accidental damage or late return of rented items?

Yo!Rent comes with a late fee module that the admin can switch off/on. Once the feature is switched on, the admin can set the late fee charges or a percentage amount that will be automatically levied on the customer in case he/she exceeds the rental period. This amount will be either deducted from the payment wallet, security deposit or can be added in the customer’s next transaction.

Is it possible for customers to buy dresses that they initially acquire on rent?

Yes. In case a customer likes a rented dress, he/she can place a purchase request on Yo!Rent that the business/product owner can review and address.

How does the subscription module work in the dress rental marketplace built on Yo!Rent?

The subscription module automates order creation on a routine basis. It works as the follows:

  • The admin creates a subscription package and adds details like package name, package cost, commission, number of free shipping allowed, max number of sellers and max number of products that can be added in a package.
  • Customers view and purchase the subscription.
  • Customers can upgrade, downgrade and renew their subscription any time.
  • The option to auto-renew subscription from the wallet balance is also available.
What are the key types of dress rental businesses that can be started with YoRent?

Some types of dress rental businesses that can be started with Yo!Rent are:

  • Designer dress rental business
  • Wedding dress rental business
  • Formal attire rental business
  • Uniform rental business
  • Halloween costume rental business

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