The Catalyst - Where It All Started

I’m Sed Joseph. I live in Georgia and I've been a professional DJ for the past 15 years.

I started Stagewing to fill a personal business need. I was booked to DJ a wedding out of town. I made a decision to fly with my DJ controller but was forced to check it instead of carrying it on the plane. When I arrived at my hotel, I noticed my luggage had been opened and inspected by the TSA which somehow resulted in a damaged power cord. Immediately, panic began to set in- I had only a few hours until rehearsal. Unfortunately, I didn not have a network of local DJs to call upon to bail me out, and the power cord was not easy to find at nearby popular electronics stores.


How Yo!Rent (FATbit Technologies) Helped

I’d considered a few software before exploring Yo!Rent. But none quite offered me a complete package as Yo!Rent did. All the features and functionality were available right out of the box.

Product Comparison
Equipment Inspection
Add-on Services
Product Sorting
RFQ Management
Invoicing Module
Price Surge Module
Top Searched Products
Top Progressive Web Apps
Top Featured Products

Workflow - How StageWing Brings Together a Community of Pro DJs

The marketplace is based on the peer to peer model. All registration requests are verified by our own team. All members register as renters. They can then opt for subscriptions to start offering equipment on the platform.


Key Achievements & Business Impact

The launch of StageWing marketplace has helped us learn a lot about our business and customers’ expectations. From here, we can look to scale our business by covering more US states and eventually reach a global audience of Pro DJs.

Exclusive Community of Professional DJs

Supporting each other with rental equipment & set up services

Presence in 7 US States

With future goal to scale in US & then go global

Completely Self Funded

Sustained Launch Without Blowing up the Budget

Experience with Yo!Rent (FATbit)


The process, right from the beginning, was pretty smooth and easy. I was happy to find a solution that I’d been searching for; chiefly, a multi-vendor solution, where members could add multiple items from different vendors in a single cart.

The way Yo!Rent team used to communicate was very helpful and it enabled me to always stay on top of project progress. I appreciate having 1 complete year of technical support post deployment, so I can reach back in case of any questions and issues. To supplement the support, I was provided with user manuals, which are also quite helpful.

It was an effortless process. I knew exactly what to expect, working with FATbit. This is the most satisfying thing as a founder.

From Owner’s Desk

Our team caught up with Sed Joseph to discuss her business concept and what circumstances led her to pursue it. We also discuss her business plans in the next 5 years. It’s one amazing journey that is sure to inspire many more entrepreneurs into action.

In Conversation with Sed Joseph

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