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About Aloklub

Aloklub is a Spanish sports and camping equipment rental business that rents out an extensive range of equipment varying from adventure, outdooring, electronic, home and DIY products.

The company believes in the philosophy of ‘circular consumption’ that increases the tendency of sustainable development while fulfilling consumer needs in a more affordable manner.

Key Requirements

Adventure Gear Rental Website Development

Aloklub was successfully conducting rental business operations offline and was looking for a digital route to expand its customer reach and showcase products on the internet. Before selecting Yo!Rent, the client tried a custom-built website but was not satisfied with its user experience. Thus, the key requirements were clear and Aloklub had the following expectations from Yo!Rent:

  • An intuitive interface that can keep manual interactions to the very minimum and to which visitors can effortlessly accommodate
  • A scalable and robust platform that can ensure a scope of limitless rental operations and accommodate business growth at all stages
  • A multilingual solution to deliver a more original and near-native shopping experience to the client’s home country
  • An enhanced delivery module with self-pickup and the option define pickup locations for streamlining delivery and storage/warehousing logistics

How FATbit (Yo!Rent) Helped

We matched Aloklub’s key requirements with FATbit’s online rental software, Yo!Rent, which is developed to handle even the most complex of diverse rental operations. Our solution featured multilingual and multicurrency capabilities to power the Aloklub store in the Español language. Down the line, the client also requested some customizations. To carry them out, we deployed a team of our top software engineers and added the following customizations:

Adventure Gear Rental Website Features

Key Features Deployed:

  • Vendor defined shipping discount - Enables vendors to specify shipping discounts for varying order value
  • Closing days - Vendors can set shop closing days and make all their items unavailable to rent like weekly off.
  • Custom cart page - Customized cart page with design changes and improved algorithms for detailed calculation
  • Advance booking mandation - Set the minimum advance booking period to book a product for rent on the platform, so users can start using rental items from the current date.


We curated a flexible roadmap to develop a user-centric platform for the client. The process included innovative designing and some additional development to meet all the objectives. The project delivery with all the proposed functionalities was achieved after meticulous testing and successful deployment.

Rental Website Design Process

We constructed a sporty design that truly matched the industrial standards while bringing the required ease of use.

Adventure Rental Website Development

We did additional development to integrate all requested modules and functionality in the platform.

Rental Website Testing Process

Rigorous testing perfected the pre-deployment build and sculpted quality into the end-product.

Launch Adventure Gear Rental Website

We deployed the platform on the client’s server and configured preferences and settings.

Rental Software Support

We provided the client 1-year of free technical support to resolve any issues that may arise unexpectedly post-deployment.

Technology Stack

3rd Party APIs

GoogleMaps Integration with YoRent
Nexmo API Integration
Shipstation in YoRent
Stripe Integration in YoRent

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sell adventure gear on Yo!Rent powered rental marketplace?

Yo!Rent as an ecommerce solution can also be used to sell products as well. As Yo!Rent is developed considering all possible business scenarios for rental businesses, it comes pre-integrated with a selling feature that rental businesses can use to sell new/old products, complementary products and other products that have been worn out after completing multiple rental orders.

What are the various pricing strategies available in an adventure gear rental business?

Yo!Rent supports multiple pricing strategies, such as tiered rental pricing (daily, weekly, monthly), retail pricing, demand-based price-surge and product bundling. To receive and complete complex rental orders that cannot be managed with fixed pricing, Yo!Rent also comes with a Request for Quote (RFQ) and price negotiation module.

How can the rental business owner recover any damage costs?

Rental product damage is a common problem in the rental economy. To assist business owners to overcome this problem, Yo!Rent comes with two key features, which are rental security management and product insurance. Under rental security management, marketplace owners or vendors can collect rental security from customers at the time of payment and use this security amount to reimburse for any damages. Similarly, they can also levy insurance fees on customers to cover the rental products.

How to manage delivery on a Yo!Rent powered adventure gear rental store?

To streamline delivery logistics, Yo!Rent comes with a shipment module that allows the business owner to create multiple shipping handles like one-day delivery, fast delivery, regular delivery and self-pickup. The solution also comes with options to specify self-pickup locations and keep track of all completed shipments. To streamline the delivery process even further, entrepreneurs can also install third-party integrations such as Aftership.

What are some other product categories that entrepreneurs can lend along with adventure gear?

Yo!Rent is a complete rental solution that is developed to facilitate rental operations in various niches. Due to this, entrepreneurs can also use Yo!Rent to launch a multi-category rental store. Some of the categories that go well along with adventure gear are sports and safety equipment, music equipment and outdoor barbecues and grills.

Do entrepreneurs get a custom homepage on Yo!Rent?

Yes, Yo!Rent comes with a personalizable homepage that entrepreneurs can use to change the overall looks and appeal of their adventure gear rental store. To begin with, the business owner can replace or edit content blocks, change product placements, select custom homepage banners or even set up a custom slider on the homepage. Additionally, owners can also select a color scheme and font family of their choice on Yo!Rent.

Does Yo!Rent have a subscription module?

Rental subscriptions are often necessary in rental businesses. To accommodate them, Yo!Rent comes with a subscription feature that allows customers to rent equipment for monthly recurring payments.

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