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About Big Fitness

Big Fitness is a US based fitness equipment marketplace that allows fitness enthusiasts and gym owners to sign up on the platform and list their equipment for both rent and sale. After refurbishing the listed equipment, Big Fitness delivers quality equipment to homeowners, hotels, schools, gyms and more.

Defining the Problem

The client expanded its business online during the time when gyms were running out of business and vast quantities of gym equipment had become redundant. To turn the tide around and help the fitness community survive, the client purchased used fitness equipment and listed it on an online form. However, the form also had its demerits as it only listed the equipment. The client had to manually handle the rest of the rental or sales process.

  • Taking Orders: The client had to reach out to customers via phone calls and take their orders.
  • Delivery Scheduling: Manually handling deliveries and then collecting delivery charges was a complex and inefficient process.
  • Payment Collection: The client even had to collect payment outside the platform, which is neither recommended nor secure.
Gym Equipment marketplace

How FATbit (Yo!Rent) Helped?

FATbit helped Big Fitness raise the bar with its rental solution Yo!Rent. The solution helped the client automate key business processes, organize payments and bring efficiency in the overall set up. We further deployed custom features that resonated with customer behavior and resolved their various pain points, and also personalized the design to deliver a more intuitive user experience. The end result was a coherent platform that significantly lowered operational costs for the client and enabled end-to-end management.

Key Features Deployed:

  • Personalized Homepage Design
  • Custom Shipping Charges Module
  • Advanced Email Marketing Tool
  • Rent, Buy and Request-for-Quote
  • Comprehensive Vendor Management
  • Rental Agreement & eSign
  • Product Comparison
  • Late Cancellations and Returns Overdue
Features of Gym equipment marketplace website Bigfintess


Our strategy to develop the client’s proposed marketplace focused on a revamped SDLC model so that we could deliver an efficient end-product via the most organized route. We had already analyzed the client’s requirements and conveyed the possible solutions during technology consultation. Later, the actual development process only included design touch-up, necessary customizations and integrations of powerful business tools.

Multi-vendor Rental website design

We updated the design and eliminated the breakthrough elements to create a skimmable, lean and clean interface.

Multi-vendor Rental marketplace development

We executed all required customizations and enhanced the solution’s capabilities to meet the client’s requirements and streamline operations.

Multi-vendor Rental platform testing

Rigorous testing and quality analysis rounds helped us perfect the new build and ensure that all customizations work smoothly.

Multi-vendor Rental Website

We deployed the platform on the client’s server and helped the client onboard the solution with proper documentation and training.

Rental eCommerce Support

We provided the client 1-year of free technical support to resolve any issues that may arrive post-deployment.

Technology Stack

3rd Party APIs

Paypal Split
Maps API

Client Testimonial

With the help of Yo!Rent, Big Fitness got an all-powerful platform to manage operations from the initial stage to the very end. It eliminated unnecessary tasks and solved numerous challenges for the client. You can hear what Chris Soucie, the founder of Big Fitness has to say about Yo!Rent in his own words:

Key Highlights:
  • Yo!Rent’s one flat fee is more affordable in comparison to Shopify and BigCommerce
  • Client migrated to Yo!Rent as it is a fully automated business solution integrated within the website
  • The marketplace functionality and interface are amongst the client’s top three features of Yo!Rent

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