With next-gen features and a self-hosted option, Yo!Rent is a lifetime solution for all rental businesses. On the other hand, Rentle is a monthly-charged SaaS solution divided into multiple packages for different sizes of rental businesses.

  • Launched in 2015
  • Self-hosted solution with one time cost
  • Suitable for rental businesses of all sizes
  • Fully scalable with unlimited listings, transactions and user profiles
  • Fully customizable as per your business requirements
  • Access to all features right from the beginning
  • Truly multi-lingual
  • Supports 20+ payment gateways
  • 0% payment processing charges
  • Complete whitelabel solution
  • Launched in 2018
  • SaaS solution with monthly recurring costs
  • Only suitable for small to medium size businesses. Has a separate Enterprise solution available at $2000 per month
  • Not scalable. Requires plan upgrade to accommodate business growth
  • Customizations only allowed in check out fields (all plans) and tracking scripts (top-tier plan only)
  • Full access only available in top-tier plan
  • Truly multi-lingual only in top-tier plan
  • Stripe only
  • 1.4-9% payment processing charges even on Rentle payments
  • Only white label in premium plans

Milestones Achieved

While Yo!Rent timely released new software versions, Rentle took a different approach by enhancing the existing version with monthly updates. Despite this, Yo!Rent took the lead in introducing new features to the rental market. It had already incorporated nearly all the features in its new versions that Rentle later introduced in its monthly updates. For instance, Rentle introduced rental add-ons and delivery-only mode in 2021, whereas these were already integrated into Yo!Rent V2, launched a year earlier in 2020.


Support for Extended Business Models Marketplace and P2P

Yo!Rent next-gen rental software comes with support for diverse business models right out of the box. This provides more flexibility and freedom to business owners in launching various types of B2B, B2C, P2P single vendor stores and marketplaces. For managing multi-vendor marketplace operations, Yo!Rent also comes with a comprehensive suite of vendor management features. In addition, the support for marketplace operations means provision for additional revenue streams that you may find missing in Rentle.

  • Marketplace operations support
  • Exclusive vendor dashboard
  • Vendor management features
  • Additional revenue streams

Head-to-Head Feature Comparison: Yo!Rent vs Rentle

While Rentle does offer a handful of features in its base packages, Yo!Rent is the undisputed champion in terms of features when compared to all other rental software. It is truly built after focusing on the rental industry’s every little use case and comes with next generation features that simplify operations.

Admin Features
RFQ (Request for Quotation) Module (Only for annual and bi-annual orders)
Price Surge Module
Late Return Module
Add-on Services Module
Cancellation Module
Import/Export Module
Blog & Social Media Integration
FAQ Module
Personalized Homepage
Reporting & Analytics
Top Rented Products Report (Available via Google Analytics)
Top Searched Products Report (Available via Google Analytics)
Buyer/Seller Sign-ups Report
Advertisers Report
Custom API Integration
Vendor Features
Selling Functionalities
Agreement Management & eSign
Product Inspection
Tiered Pricing
Product Catalog Management
Inventory Management
Product Reviews Management
Shipping & Delivery Module
Abandoned Cart Management
Invoicing Module
Promotional Banners
Individual Vendor Storefronts
Latest Orders Report
Products Inventory Report (Not available in Free and Discover)
Rental Security Management
Buyer Features
Map View For Shops
Advanced Search Functionality
Custom Filters
Product Comparison (Instead Product Variant)
Multicart Checkout
Location Based Product Sorting
Featured Products Section
Map View
Discount Coupons (Not available in Free and discover)
eWallet Management
Tax Management
Currency Converter
Security Features
Document Verification
GDPR Compliant
Phone Number Sign-in
Multi Layered Security

User Interface: Meeting the Industry Standards?

Both Yo!Rent and Rentle have appealing interfaces with minimalistic designs but there are few notable differences that must go into consideration. Where Yo!Rent comes with a pre-configured and well-balanced interface that prioritizes both user experience and accessibility, Rentle leaves pretty much everything to the business owners. Thus, they are on their own in creating an intuitive front-end for their marketplace.


Furthermore, Yo!Rent storefronts and user dashboards are developed with industry-specific expectations in mind. They are fast, responsive and also light weight. On the other hand, there are a few reported issues with Rentle dashboards, such as inconsistent UI because of unprecedented and frequent updates, an overwhelming startup wizard and lack of design customizability options.


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Niches & Market Segments Catered

After a thorough analysis, you will find that Rentle is a commendable solution for launching rental businesses in many B2C rental niches like baby products, clothes and fashion, electrical tools, parties and events, home decor, and the list goes on. However, Yo!Rent goes a little more exhaustive in terms of rental niches it supports. Along with all the rental niches Rentle caters to, Yo!Rent is suitable for B2B rental websites and marketplaces too. These include niches such as heavy equipment, construction equipment, facility equipment, trucks, trailers, dumpsters and more.


Customizability: Which Software is Versatile Enough to Meet All your Requirements?

With the rise of readymade software, customization remains the only path to resilience. While Yo!Rent provides a full customizability option to business owners so that they can tailor their store’s rental experience and also extend backend functionality as per requirements, the scope of customization is quite limited in Rentle. Business owners using Rentle can only customize checkout fields and tracking scripts, whereas the rest of the functionality and interface remains the same in all its SaaS packages.

Key Quantifiables - APIs, Payment Gateways & Additional Support

Business tools are as important for business owners as scalability and customization. Yo!Rent allows business owners to integrate a diverse range of their favorite set of tools and APIs and comes pre-integrated with MailChimp, Google Maps, Google Analytics and 20+ payment gateways. In comparison, the API offering of Rentle is also quite impressive, it includes Stripe, Solteq POS and Skidata. Even so, Yo!Rent takes the lead with its 20+ payment gateways and extensive support for all popular business tools.


The ‘Price Point’

We saw that both Yo!Rent and Rentle are available with different hosting options. Where Rentle is a SaaS solution with 1 free package and 3 subscription packages, Yo!Rent is a self-hosted software available at a one-time cost. In terms of features and offerings, Yo!Rent compares directly with Rentle's most premium package, i.e, Rentle Advance, available at $380 monthly billing and $3420 annual billing with a 1.4% + $0.25 additional per order transaction charge.

As Rentle is a recurring payment software, your software investment will keep on increasing with time. In contrast, Yo!Rent is available at a one-time quotation-based cost with zero transaction charges and state of the art features, making it a true lifetime solution. Yo!Rent is highly cost effective for entrepreneurs requiring a long term software whose investment they can easily recover. To compare, Rentle levels up to Yo!Rent’s cost within 6-9 months and goes even beyond, making it very cost inclusive for long term operations.

Our Verdict

After a thorough evaluation of both Yo!Rent and Rentle, we can conclude that both are formidable software to launch online rental platforms. Throughout our comparison, the key differences arrive in scalability and resilience that these solutions provide to business owners. In both these spheres, Yo!Rent goes the extra mile and delivers a significantly higher value over Rentle. With Yo!Rent’s wider range of features, one-time cost, zero transaction charges and full scalability, it becomes difficult for Rentle to beat the value proposition Yo!Rent provides to business owners.

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