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Online rental businesses have exposure to a wider audience and require lower investments to start. Many rental marketplaces that started recently have experienced significant growth through their strategic planning and intelligent business management. Besides, there also exist rental businesses that shifted their operations online to lower operational costs and penetrate into untouched markets. This growth in existing rental marketplaces has inspired entrepreneurs to start their own rental businesses with more features and benefits for the customers.

Before planning to set up a rental business, you need to check imperatives to the growth of businesses from similar domains to have an idea about management and other processes.

The major benefits of starting an online rental business include:-

  • Exposure to a wider target audience
  • Reduced manpower helps in reducing expenses
  • Transparency in the operations
  • Ease of inventory management

This article lists online rental businesses from various categories performing well in their target market and are a source of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs. 

Online Rental Marketplaces To Inspire New Age Entrepreneurs

Big Fitness – Gym Equipment Rental Business

Big Fitness is an online marketplace that sells and lends a wide range of fitness and gym equipment in multiple categories, including cycling, running, weight training, aerobics, and so on. The company was established in 1991 and has recently started operating through its online rental marketplace platform too. Apart from renting its own fitness gear, Big Fitness allows other sellers to create their own storefronts on the platform to lend and sell fitness equipment.

Key Highlights:

Country: United States

Niches: Fitness & Gym Equipment

Business Type: Multi-Vendor Marketplace

Industry: B2B

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RentBubba – Multi-Niche Rental Marketplace

RentBubba Multi Niche Rental Marketplace built with YoRent

Rent Bubba is a multi-category, multivendor rental marketplace that brings sellers and customers together. The company deals in multi-category products ranging from electronics to home furnishing, and garden tools. Rent Bubba is focused on making efficient use of the products by sharing them with others to promote a responsible way of living.

Key Highlights:

Country: Canada

Niche: Multi-Category (Apparel, Gadgets, Indoor & Outdoor Living) 

Business Type:  Multi-vendor

Industry:  B2C

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RNS Rentals – Exotic Car Rental Marketplace

RNS Exotics is a US-based luxury car rental marketplace with offices in New York, New Jersey and Miami. With the help of Yo!Rent, RNS Exotics is able to handle the car rental operations of all its different branches from one place. Moreover, it is also able to ensure the safety of its lent luxuries with Yo!Rent’s rental security management, agreement management and document verification modules.

Key Highlights:

Country: United States

Niche: Luxury cars

Business Type: Single Vendor

Industry: B2C

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Gearflow – Heavy Construction Equipment Rental Marketplace

Gearflow - Heavy Construction Equipment Rental Marketplace

Gearflow is a marketplace that connects dealers, OEMS, contractors, and part sellers from all over America on their platform. The company allows unlimited product listings and allows sellers to manage everything with a free dashboard reporting tool. Similarly, buyers have their own dashboard where they can place bids, rate sellers, and monitor their purchases. The company also successfully raised $1.1M in seed money to improve its rental process and increase the offerings of the platform.

Key Highlights:

Country: United States

Niche: Heavy Equipment

Business Type: Multi-Vendor

Industry: B2B

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FAINDaMAQ – Heavy Equipment Rental Platform

FAINDaMAQ Mexico Heavy Equipment Rental Platform built with YoRent

FAINDaMAQ is a Mexican equipment rental marketplace where contractors and small companies can buy or rent heavy equipment. The platform connects machinery owners and service providers with customers. The marketplace also helps customers in finding financing options to source their heavy equipment.

Key Highlights:

Country: Mexico

Niche: Heavy construction equipment

Business Type: Multi-Vendor

Industry: Both B2B and B2C

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Alemaq – Construction & Garden Equipment Rental Marketplace

Alemaq is a leader in the equipment rental business that deals with renting, selling, and servicing construction and gardening equipment. The company has a diverse portfolio of clients for earthmoving tools, energy production, and air conditioning. Alemaq has a team of technology experts who assist clients with each stage of services.

Key Highlights:

Country: Chile

Niche: Heavy Equipment and Tools Rental

Business Type: Multi Vendor

Industry: Both B2B and B2C

StageWing – DJ & AV Equipment Rental Marketplace 

StageWing - DJ & AV Equipment Rental Marketplace

StageWing is a rental marketplace co-founded by professional artists to help their peers with the easy availability of audio-video equipment and other music gear. The company currently serves 7 states in the United States through its peer-to-peer model. The admin team of the marketplace proactively manages the rental operations of the platform

Key Highlights:

Country: United States

Niche: Audio-Video rentals

Business Type: Multi-Vendors

Industry: B2b and B2C

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A+ Events And Rentals – Event & Furniture Rental Marketplace

A+ Events And Rentals - Event & Furniture Rental Marketplace

A+ Events And Rentals has been providing top-quality rental equipment to the event industry. The company serves event planners, caterers, major corporations, production companies, charities, and many other entities throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. A+ has one of the largest and most comprehensive inventories ever assembled under one roof, which is also constantly growing with time.

Key Highlights:

Country: Saudi Arabia

Niche: Multi-niche (Events, Furniture, audio-Visual)

Business Type:  Single-Vendor

Industry: B2C

We Rent Fashion – Peer-to-Peer Fashion Rental Platform

We Rent Fashion - Peer-to-Peer Fashion Rental Platform

WE RENT FASHION is a marketplace based in Malaysia, where anyone can rent or share their clothes. The company has a peer-to-peer rental workflow which makes it easier for people to lend their wearables with advanced filters such as brands, sizes, and so on. WE RENT FASHION platform provides designer fashions within everyone’s reach while reducing the impact of fashion on the planet.

Key Highlights:

Country: Malaysia

Niche: Fashion

Business Type:  Multi-Vendor

Industry: B2C

Rentalya – Event Rental Equipment Marketplace

Rentalya is an early-stage B2B platform for renting professional equipment for events (concerts, festivals, corporate events, and private events). The marketplace targets the Romanian market and addresses DJs, artists, bands, advertising agencies, event agencies, hotels, clubs, and equipment rental companies. The platform is aimed especially at those who own equipment and want to lend it. They will have the role of the seller on the platform. 

Key Highlights:

Country: Romania

Niche: Audio-visual

Business Type:  Multi-vendor

Industry:  Both B2B and B2C

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The Final Take

This article was about newly incorporated and existing rental businesses on the internet. While internet trends continue to change with time, it is still important to know the expectations of the users from your marketplace and how efficiently you cater to them. A detailed study about your target region and audiences can help in planning the operations accordingly. Another factor that could help in seamless operations on your marketplace is a rental platform that delivers an excellent user experience with fast, reliable, and secure transactions.

Above mentioned rental marketplaces are built using our ready-made rental marketplace solution – YoRent. The solution has industry-grade functionalities with all essential integrations to rent and sell products from diverse niches. Trusted by more than 500 rental marketplaces across the globe, YoRent comes at a one-time cost, is completely scalable, and can be customized as per business requirements. Schedule a free personalized demo today to visualize your business idea.

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