Jet Ski Rental Software to Start an Online Jet Ski Rental Business


The global recreational boating industry is projected to reach $36.78 billion by the year 2027, marking a CAGR of 5.1% in the forecast period 2021-2027. The jet ski rental market is an essential part of the industry with astonishing demand in North America, Europe and Australia. Due to this reason, there are also several entrepreneurs ready to capitalize on the increasing business scope in the jet ski rental market. For that, they will require a capable jet ski rental software.

In this article, we have covered the key requirements of an online jet ski rental business and how you can launch your online jet ski rental business with an off-the-shelf software solution.

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Software Strategy for your Online Jet Ski Rental Startup

There are various steps involved in launching an online business. The basic ones are conducting market research, competitor analysis and setting up the business model. Once these basics are figured out, you can move on to defining your software requirements to power the online store. In this regard, the following information will help you out.

1. Key Features for a Jet Ski Rental Software

To create a powerful jet ski rental platform, your rental software should have the following advanced features and modules.

  • Jet Ski Booking Calendar: An online booking calendar to accept rental dates and prevent double bookings.
  • Tiered Pricing: Daily, weekly and monthly pricing mechanism to provide the best value to customers. 
  • Document Verification: To collect identity proofs and address proofs before renting out jet skis.
  • Rental Agreement Management: For sanctioning owner terms and conditions directly on the jet ski rental website.
  • Rental Security Management: To collect and manage rental security deposits for reimbursing any damages and policy violations. 
  • Late Cancellation Charges: To prevent late cancellations and ensure maximum inventory utilization. 
  • Product Comparison: Automated comparisons to help customers make fully-informed decisions.
  • Rental Add-Ons: To upsell and cross-sell complementary products such as life jackets, air horns, cable locks and telescoping paddles.
  • Multi-Currency and Multilingual Support: To effectively cater to the tourist population and non-native english speakers.
  • Inventory Management: To track rental inventory and manage taxes and discounts. Click here to find out other important inventory management features.
  • Marketing Features: Multiple marketing features like SEO optimization, social media sharing, banner management, discount coupons, etc. for business promotion and growth.

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2. Figuring Out the Jet Ski Rental Software

We went through some important jet ski rental business features in the previous section. It is highly recommended to look for these features in your selected jet ski rental software. There are two primary types of rental software that you can opt for. We have categorized those two based on their hosting type.

  • Self-Hosted Rental Software: A self-hosted jet ski rental software will leave the choice of hosting with the business owner. He can select any hosting service provider of his choice or even host the website on his personal server. Key benefits of using self-hosted rental software are that the business owner can select fast or highly-secure servers and there will be no monthly recurring software charges.
Jet Ski Rental Software
  • SaaS Rental Software: SaaS-based jet ski rental software are hosted on the company’s server, which is why they are charged on a monthly recurring basis. There are also several SaaS packages that a business owner gets to select from with the highest package giving maximum features. However, it is also important to note that multiple websites are hosted on a single server when using SaaS software.

In some cases, you may require some customizations in the software so make sure that your selected rental software is fully customizable. For ease of use, you can also look for a solution that supports various third party integrations. To check the actual functionality and usefulness of the software, it is advised to view personal one-on-one demos before purchasing.

3. Software Deployment and Implementation

Once your jet ski rental software is finalized, it is time to deploy it and launch your online jet ski rental business. First you need to set up all important web pages such as the homepage, about us page and contact us page. You also need to add rental jet ski listings and set up various payment gateways. Your technology partner can help you with the gateways and any other integrations you require on the platform.

4. Use Various Marketing Features to Start Generating Business

After everything is set up, you are ready to start accepting jet ski rental orders. For this, you will need to market your business. You can use the various features provided in your rental software for marketing.

  • Search Engine Optimization: The first and foremost step is to get your website indexed on the internet. This is done via search engine optimization. You can target various keywords to rank on in search results and use the jet ski rental software’s meta tag optimization features.
  • Social Media Marketing: You can create pre-launch pages to generate some buzz on social media. This will help you achieve a wider reach and make your target audience aware about your jet ski rental business. Lastly, you can upload daily posts to keep up the engagement levels.
  • Provide Early-Bird Discounts: As a sign of good gesture, you can provide early bird discounts to your first few customers. This can be easily done by using discount coupon management features of your jet ski rental software.
  • Publish a Press Release: Using the local media for introducing your business to the public is also a good strategy. Getting your business name published in a renowned media firm helps in building a reputation and winning customer trust.
  • Do Web Listings: You will also need to mention your jet ski rental business on various listing sites, beginning with Google Business. This will help in getting both SEO rankings and increasing awareness about your business. 

How Yo!Rent Helps in Starting a Jet Ski Rental Business

Yo!Rent is an off-the-shelf online rental software that provides business owners with the various features required to launch and manage an online business in the rental industry. It has already helped 500+ entrepreneurs in over 70 countries launch online rental businesses in 30+ niches. 

  • For streamlining jet ski rental business operations, Yo!Rent comes with an impressive set of rent-centric features, including rental security management, agreement management, late cancellations, late returns, rental add-ons, product inspection, inventory management and order management.
  • Being a fully scalable rental software, Yo!Rent accommodates business growth. It supports unlimited listings, transactions and user profiles and also comes at one-time costs.
  • For end-to-end business management, Yo!Rent allows the business owner to assign 90+ roles and privileges to sub admin accounts. You can also create as many sub admin accounts as you want.
  • As Yo!Rent is also a self-hosted rental software, it gives business owners the freedom to select a more secure, faster and private hosting server.

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Wrapping Up

Launching an online jet ski rental business is not only about accepting rental orders and providing jet skis, but also about ensuring unforgettable customer experience and sustaining the business for the long term. All this will require you to follow a strategic approach from the beginning so that you can identify and overcome any problems in time. Simultaneously, you will need to think about business growth and apart from marketing, it is customer trust building that also helps in growth. Lastly, your selection of jet ski rental software will also help you overcome many day-to-day challenges.

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