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In the rental industry, there are various approaches to developing a fully functional rental marketplace. These approaches include both custom development and readymade no-code and low-code software. After a close comparison, it can be clearly observed that using readymade solutions is a more cost-effective and faster approach. As per a McKinsey Technology Trends Outlook, using no-code and low-code solutions reduces the development timeframe by up to 90%.

One such readymade low-code solution to build rental marketplaces is Sharetribe. Launched in 2011, Sharetribe is a renowned SaaS-based rental software that comes with vast functionalities to provide extensive support for rental operations. Its templatized interface also reduces the time-to-market and provides a superior rental experience. Nevertheless, because of some reported concerns, many entrepreneurs are looking for a Sharetribe alternative software. These concerns are:

  • Recurrent pricing structure with discounts available only on annual billing
  • Very basic front-end design with limited customization options
  • Recurring charges on custom landing pages
  • No official development support for customization
  • Does not have an integrated content management system

If you also reached this article while looking for a Sharetribe alternative and want to avoid the aforementioned challenges, then we have listed down the most suitable option after evaluating multiple rental software. A reliable Sharetribe alternative should be up to the mark on the following criteria as these are the key value propositions of Sharetribe:

  1. Feature Set: Just like Sharetribe, the alternative software should have an impressive feature set.
  2. Rental Niches: Sharetribe supports multiple rental niches. Thus, its close alternative should have built-in support for deploying rental websites in multiple rental niches as well.
  3. Scalability: To be called a true Sharetribe alternative, the rental software should be highly scalable in terms of number of transactions and listings
  4. Ease of Use: For using Sharetribe, no programming knowledge is required. The same is expected from Sharetribe alternative software.
  5. Multilingual: To provide a delightful user experience to the native users of multiple regions, Sharetribe is a multilingual solution. Its alternatives should also have multilingual support.

Top Sharetribe Alternatives: Impressive Software Choices Beyond Sharetribe

Take a look at the top Sharetribe alternatives available in the industry. All these alternatives provide unique value to rental business owners. While some are highly cost-effective, some have an unparalleled feature set. Read below to find out the alternative that is best suited for your business.

1. YoRent

In the modern-day world, entrepreneurs who want to leverage technology want it to be on par with those of the leading players. They want their storefronts to provide a highly satisfying rental experience that they have already witnessed on leading players’ websites. This is where YoRent readymade rental software delivers the maximum value. With next-gen capabilities and support for both B2C and B2B business models, YoRent is a full-service rental platform launched in 2015 that helps business owners embrace complete digital transformation. It is highly suitable for entrepreneurs who are looking for a lifetime licensed software in comparison to Sharetribe’s recurrent costs. With features like rental security management, agreement and eSign, document verification, and overdue returns, YoRent is one of the best Sharetribe alternatives.

Key Features of Yo!Rent:

  • Rental Security Management
  • Agreement Management and eSign
  • Document Verification
  • Rent as Well Sell
  • Request for Quote Module
  • Late Returns Management

Supported Rental Niches: Supports all rental niches including, heavy equipment, construction equipment, scaffolding, power tools, party and event supplies, outdoor gear, golf carts, cars, bikes, boats, fashion and furniture. For very few rental niches, the solution may require minor customization.

Customizability: Fully customizable (Free 100 hours of customization already included in GoCustom Prime package)

Scalability: Fully scalable with unlimited listings, transactions, user profiles and admin accounts

Price Point: Lifetime ownership at a one-time cost

Best Suited for: All businesses looking for a perpetually licensed or fully scalable software


  • Highly-cost effective in the long term (Saves up $8,000-$12,000 in 5 years in comparison to SaaS software with similar features)
  • Self-hosted with one-time cost
  • Fully customizable and scalable
  • Free 1 year technical support
  • Multilingual and multi-currency support


  • Mobile apps are not available with the default solution
  • No free trial, but live demos are available for testing

Get a Guided Product Tour of YoRent in a One-to-One Demo

3. Twice Commerce (formerly- Rentle)

Where the majority of the rental software categorizes i.e, SaaS software, two solutions provide the maximum value in terms of scalability and growth. While the first one is Sharetribe, the second one is its alternative Twice Commerce. Launched in the year 2018, Twice Commerce is a solution that supports circular business models. As a result, today Twice Commerce is a feature-packed rental solution with both rental and sales functionalities. In addition, for the improvement of the software, the company releases frequent releases with bug fixes and new features. To name a few, rental subscriptions and pick-up points are the latest additions in Twice Commerce. Thus, it is a reliable choice for entrepreneurs who are looking for a Sharetribe alternative with frequent OTC updates.

Key Features of Twice Commerce:

  • Rent plus sell
  • Rental subscriptions
  • Custom checkout fields
  • Inventory management
  • Late returns management
  • Tiered pricing

Supported Rental Niches: Tools, electronics, fashion, furniture, AV equipment, construction equipment, party supplies, cars, and bikes.

Customizability: Has a separate Enterprise package at $2,000 per month which supports customization

Scalability: Highly scalable with unlimited listings and transactions. Only admin account profiles are limited

Price Point: The white label versions with private domains and aforementioned features are available at $39, $82 and $380 on monthly billing and $348, $828 and $3420 on annual billing. The non-white label version with a sub-domain account and limited features is available for free. A processing fee is charged extra with all versions

Best Suited for: Entrepreneurs looking for a SaaS software with frequent feature updates


  • User-friendly interface
  • Support for both rental and sales operations
  • Fully customizable
  • Highly scalable in terms of listings and transactions


  • No multi-vendor support
  • Additional payment processing fees charged at 9% + $0.55 (for starter packages) and 1.4% + $0.25 (for premium subscriptions)

4. EZRentOut

The consumer segments in the rental industry are vast and diverse. This creates a need for a generalized yet sophisticated solution that can help simplify the overall user experience for the vast audience. Thus, if you are also looking for a rental software that is generalized for the majority of audiences, then EZRentOut is right for you. It is a Sharetribe alternative that focuses on providing a satisfying rental experience to both customers and business owners with a simple and user-friendly interface. EZRentOut has all the basic features required to manage a rental store and quick payment processing on the front end. Through EZRentOut, business owners can oversee all their business operations within a few clicks and ensure safe transactions.

Key Features of EZRentOut:

  • Order verification
  • Invoice management
  • Inventory management
  • Order tracking
  • Large order discounts
  • Document verification

Supported Rental Niches: AV equipment, construction equipment, party supplies, furniture, oilfield, sports and medical equipment.

Customizability: Has a separate customizable package available on a quotation basis

Scalability: Highly scalable with unlimited rental listings and transactions. However, there are no sales listings in the base package

Price Point: Available at $89, $179 and $349 on monthly billing and $948, $1788 and $3,588 on annual billing

Best Suited for: Small to Medium-sized businesses looking for a SaaS software


  • User-friendly interface
  • Support for both rental and sales operations
  • Has all the essential rental features
  • Quick payment processing


  • No multi-vendor support
  • No sales listings in the base package
  • Limited number of admin user accounts with $20 monthly recurring costs for each additional account

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4. Booqable

Catering to the fragmented groups of diverse rental businesses, Booqable is a renowned software solution in the rental industry. It comes with a templated design to reduce the overall time-to-market and assists business owners in launching powerful online stores in various rental niches. With Booqable, planning and managing rental operations is easy. Business owners can track inventory in real time, monitor overdue returns, get restock alerts and send email reminders to customers. Additionally, Booqable has the option to sell consumable items which allows rental businesses to offer added-value products to customers.

Key Features of Booqable:

  • Inventory management
  • Shortage management
  • Order tracking
  • Custom checkout fields
  • Request for Quote

Supported Rental Niches: AV equipment, construction equipment, cameras, bikes, boats, fashion, furniture and others.

Customizability: Not customizable

Scalability: Scalable in terms of listings and transactions. For each extra admin account, businesses are required to pay an additional $20 per month

Price Point: Available at $35, $95 and $299 on monthly billing and $348, $948 and $2998 on annual billing

Best Suited for: Small to Medium-sized businesses


  • Reduces the overall time to market
  • Has QR code and barcode scanning
  • Easy to migrate from any other solution
  • Supports manual order creation as well


  • No multi-vendor support
  • Not customizable
  • Limited number of admin user accounts with $20 monthly recurring costs for each additional account

5. Reservety

Many rental businesses prefer a solution that is quite simple and helps them primarily with bookings and reservations. Reservety is a Sharetribe alternative that meets these requirements. It is another cloud-hosted solution that helps entrepreneurs launch captivating rental stores with abundant design capabilities. Moreover, Reservety supports sales operations with the help of WooCommerce plugins. It is very suitable for those businesses who are looking forward to experimenting with the online rental markets. However, in the long term, they might need to migrate to some other solution.

Key Features of Reservety:

  • Online reservations
  • Rent plus sell
  • Late returns management
  • Security deposit
  • Geofencing

Supported Rental Niches: ools, party supplies, boats, bikes, cars, adventure gear and spa equipment.

Customizability: Not customizable

Scalability: Highly scalable in terms of listings, transactions and user profiles. Limited number of staff accounts.

Price Point: Available at $38 and $78 per month recurring costs

Best Suited for: Small to Medium-sized businesses


  • Reduces the overall time to market
  • Easy to launch
  • Easy to migrate from any other solution
  • Multilingual and multi-currency


  • No multi-vendor support
  • Not customizable
  • Design support through
  • Elementor integration
  • Sales support through
  • WooCommerce integration


Sharetribe is undoubtedly a robust rental solution with a wide range of features. However, due to some business preferences, notable shortcomings and pricing structure, some businesses prefer alternative software. Our article solely focuses on providing them with ample information to select an appropriate alternative while also introducing numerous other rental software that they may want to consider. Out of all the aforementioned options, we recommend going for the ones that are cost-effective to prevent any cost overheads and truly meet your requirements.

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