Migrating to Yo!Rent Rental Software: Everything You Should Know


We have previously stated and explained in our various articles why regular eCommerce software or marketplace solutions are not appropriate for launching an online rental business. Not only do they lack the very basic functionality to accept rental orders at the front end, but also cannot be used to manage backend operations like handling overdue returns, rental security and rental agreements. 

Of course, you can use third-party integrations and readily available plugins to add some of the rental functionality, but isn’t it better to use a solution that can handle various rental business operations on its own in the first place? Yo!Rent is not just an online rental software but a complete digital business solution for rental businesses and new entrants in the industry.

Whether you want to migrate to Yo!Rent from a regular ecommerce software or another rental solution, in this blog we have explained how you can do so with ease and reasons to migrate. Let’s deal with the latter first. 

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Top Reasons To Migrate From Existing Rental Software To Yo!Rent

1. Most Feature-Packed Rental Software Available

As a rental business owner, you know the trouble of tracking equipment returns, inspecting them for any damages and ensuring that every returned equipment is in working condition to be lent out again. The checklist doesn’t stop here. Rental business owners also need to explain terms and conditions to customers, make sure they follow all the terms, all while providing a satisfying customer experience.

Where the majority of rental software available online may fail to help you overcome all these problems, Yo!Rent is dedicatedly developed with maximum rental use-cases in mind. Thus, it has all those features you require to simplify your rental business operations. A list of important Yo!Rent features is given below.

YoRent Rental Software features to deliver more business value
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2. Highly Scalable

Entrepreneurs launch a business with the aim to grow and increase revenue. This is only possible when your rental software is also scalable. It should be able to accommodate all levels of business growth, have support for increasing the number of customers, user profiles, transactions, listings and even admin accounts.

While it is commonly known that SaaS solutions often have limitations on number of users, admin accounts and transactions, Yo!Rent has got none. It supports unlimited user profiles, admin accounts, product listings and transactions. Moreover, you can also assign upto 90+ roles and responsibilities to sub admin accounts and create entire teams for managing different types of operations.

3. Available at a One-Time Cost

Rental software with monthly recurring charges are priced in a way that business owners have no other option left but to upgrade in order to accommodate growth or use the software to its full potential. Moreover, with everlasting payments, the software ends up costing way more than what an off-the-shelf software would have cost. 

We at Yo!Rent think what’s best for our clients and provide the most useful rent-centric features at a one-time cost package. Thus, to own Yo!Rent and host your online rental store, you need to pay a one-time cost and can obtain the software’s lifetime usage license. 

4. Fully Customizable and Scalable

Sometimes business owners have unique requirements or want extended functionalities. Some also face unique use-cases and have a solution for that problem as well. For all such cases, we have kept our solution fully customizable. You can add any feature or functionality you want and even introduce design changes, all at convenient applicable charges. 

Regarding APIs, we know how efficient the modern business tools are and how difficult it is to give up on your favorite ones. Thus, to ensure smooth operations and enhance the overall operational experience, Yo!Rent supports various popular API integrations.

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How to Migrate to Yo!Rent Rental Software

Where the technical and most crucial migration steps, such as software installation and implementation are handled by our team, there are some things that business owners are required to take care of as well. These are primarily required to prepare the base for migrating to Yo!Rent. 

1. Get your Yo!Rent License

First, you need to get your Yo!Rent license by getting in touch with our experts. They will help you select the right Yo!Rent version for your business idea and also provide proper assistance at later stages of the migration process. 

As said above, your Yo!Rent license will come with lifetime availability. However, note that for launching another rental business, you will be required to purchase one more license as Yo!Rent licenses are not domain transferable.

2. Select your Customizations and Integrations

Depending on your business model and requirements, our business analysts may recommend you some customizations and integrations. Both of these are optional but will help you streamline your operations and further extend the functionality of Yo!Rent. 

Moreover, you can also ask for other customizations based on your personal business preferences. For example, you can ask for an API or business tool you are very comfortable using, like MailChimp. 

Customizations are also important because you can use them to target very specific customer problems or resolve any challenges that are unique to your business. Any chosen customizations and integrations will be first added to your Yo!Rent license and then implemented.

3. Select a Hosting Server

To successfully migrate to Yo!Rent, you are required to get a hosting server. Being a self-hosted solution, Yo!Rent leaves the choice of server to the entrepreneur. However, you still need to ensure that your server meets Yo!Rent’s  minimum software requirements

Furthermore, you can create an on-site hosting server to migrate to Yo!Rent. This might be a little costly but is also the most secure option. Another option is to invest in a good third-party server with more security and storage. 
For smooth operations, our experts recommend Amazon Web Services EC2 Instance, T2 Medium plan. You can go along with this server as well.

5. Leave the Rest to Us

After all the steps are done and your hosting server is ready for Yo!Rent installation, our technical team will take over the rest of the process and install Yo!Rent.

Based on the size of migration data, our team will also help you move your product listings, web pages and other information to Yo!Rent so that you can quickly resume your business operations. Along with the online rental software, you will be provided with proper documentation that you can use for easy onboarding and clearing any usage-related doubts for the solution.

This was the migrating process to Yo!Rent. Note that you may also need to purchase a domain name in case you don’t have any and get it mentioned on your Yo!Rent license.

Ready to Provide Enhanced Rental Experience?


By migrating to Yo!Rent, you will be able to streamline all your rental operations right from automating invoicing to managing returns. The solution will also help your business grow with its diverse marketing features and unlimited scalability to support all levels of operations. Furthermore, its industry-specific designs will assist in branding and provide an intuitive browsing experience. To get started with Yo!Rent, reach out to our experts.


How long will it take to migrate my existing website to Yo!Rent?

The migration process is very quick for SMBs and startup-level businesses considering they do not require any customizations and the inventory size is also low. For medium to enterprise-level businesses, the entire migration process can be time consuming. Same is the case with installations that require customizations.

Can I migrate to Yo!Rent from Shopify, BigCommerce, Wix, Sharetribe, Booqable and EZRentOut?

Yes, you can migrate to Yo!Rent from any online rental software or ecommerce platform. Before migrating, we also suggest you make a thorough comparison for a fully-informed decision. 

Are there any vendor lock-in periods for Yo!Rent

No. As Yo!Rent is a self-hosted and lifetime license software, there are no vendor lock-in periods. Business owners can migrate to any other solution anytime they want. However, after trying Yo!Rent, such instances rarely arrive when a business owner wants to switch back to his previous software or ecommerce platform.

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