Launch an Online Motorbike Rental Business in Guatemala


Tourism in Guatemala is on an incline because of its lush green environments and coastal landscapes. More tourists are visiting Guatemala every year and helping the economy. For instance, nearly 2.45 Million tourists visited the country in 2023, which is an increase of over 600,000 tourists when compared to the previous year.

One of the key sectors that benefited from this massive influx in Guatemala’s tourism industry is motorbike rental. This article is especially relevant for entrepreneurs looking to enter the motorbike rental industry in Guatemala. It will also help existing businesses launch full-fledged websites for online motorbike rental operations.

Steps to Launch Your Motorbike Rental Business in Guatemala

To launch your motorbike rental business, it is essential to conduct your own market research. This will help you identify the market elements you are already familiar with and give some direction about where to start.

Let’s take a closer look at some other market dynamics and everything you need to establish your motorbike rental business.

1. Market Dynamics

Your initial market research should include three factors, which are competition, target regions and rental pricing.

Competition: As the Guatemala motorbike rental industry is still in its nascent stages, currently, there are no dominant players. However, some of the existing players are:

  • MAG Tours
  • Moto Tours Guatemala
  • Riderly
  • Ride Atitlan

Top Regions: Additionally, the top regions to launch your motorbike rental business are:

  • Antigua
  • Lake Atitlán
  • Tikal
  • Pacific Cost

Pricing: The cost of motorbike rentals in Guatemala ranges from $40-$70 per day and can vary depending on engine power and custom tour packages as well. On your motorbike rental website, you can provide added discounts to attract customers.

2. Select a Business Structure

There are two primary business structures that you can consider for your motorbike rental business. These are LLC (Limited Liability Company) and Sole Proprietorship. Under the LLC structure, you create a separate identity for your business that is not linked to your personal assets. Thus, any damages, losses, and loans cannot be recovered from your personal assets. Also, you can decide your salary structure.

In a sole proprietorship, you become the sole owner of your company and are also its direct representative. Thus, you are personally liable to compensate for any damages or losses. Your personal assets can be used to reimburse the same. A huge benefit of sole proprietorship over LLC is that you get to keep the entire profit.

Both LLC and sole proprietorship have separate tax benefits.

3. Select a Rental Software

To establish a professional online motorbike rental business, you will also need to develop a rental website with advanced features. For this, you can rely on a readymade rental software, which will come with all essential features and powerful backend controls. Thus, with the help of a dedicated automobile rental software, you can accept online bookings 24/7, manage orders, fleet, taxes, payments, returns, and more. 

Some key features that you should look for in your rental software are:

  • Rental booking calendar
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly pricing
  • Order management
  • Rental agreement management
  • Rental security management
  • Rental add-ons
  • Map view filter
  • Late returns management
  • Late cancellations management
  • Document verification
  • Multilingual and multi-currency support

YoRent is a highly reliable automobile rental software that comes with all the aforementioned features and is available at a one-time cost. It also supports unlimited listings and transactions and is a multi-currency/multi-lingual software so that you can expand your business operations anywhere. To match any of your additional requirements, Yo!Rent is also fully customizable.

  • Available at a one-time cost
  • Supports both rental and sales capabilities
  • Single-vendor and multi-vendor support
  • Fully scalable with unlimited listings and transactions
  • Fully customizable to meet additional business requirements
  • Multi-currency and multi-lingual

Book a Personalized Demo to See YoRent in Action

4. Deploy the Software

In the last step, you can deploy and configure the software on your hosting server. Set up the primary pages, such as the homepage, contact us page, about us page and also set up your logos and payment gateways. Once everything is done, add detailed motorbike listings on the platform and use digital marketing to grow and promote your motorbike rental website. For a quick start, try joining the local tourism communities of Guatemala. 

5. Additional Things to Keep in Mind

  • It rains a lot in Guatemala, especially from May to November. So you can also provide umbrellas and rain covers as rental add-ons.
  • If you are not local to the region, then it is important to understand the cultural and linguistic impact. You can also hire a few local personnel to help you out.
  • For attending tourists, it is important to hire multilingual personnel or someone with fluent English.
  • With growing tourism, the competition in Guatemala will also increase. It is wiser to keep a check on growing competition.
  • To safeguard your motorbike from accidents and damages, you can invest in liability insurance and collect premiums from your customers for the same.
  • Introducing group packages can help you boost revenue.
  • By integrating a multi-currency payment gateway, you can allow customers to directly book your rental motorbikes from their home country.
  • Additionally, you can also rent out ATVs and off-roaders on the same rental platform as well.


The rental industry has been gaining popularity all over the globe for the past few decades. One of its key niche markets is automobile rental, which is flourishing well without limitations. The tourist population is one of the primary target audiences of automobile rental, including motorbike rental. Because of its rising popularity, Guatemala is gradually becoming a renowned tourist spot and motorbikes are a very practical and convenient means of exploring the country. Thus, from a business perspective, entering the Guatemala motorbike rental industry with your own motorbike rental store is highly lucrative. You can rely on YoRent readymade bike rental software for the same.

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