Yo!Rent’s New Logo is Much More than What Meets the Eye


Pioneering the rental software technology since its launch in 2015, Yo!Rent has always challenged the traditional and time-consuming means of conducting rental business operations. With more innovation in our every launch, we brought next-gen capabilities that increased efficiency for rental websites and marketplaces. Moving ahead of our competitors, we provided fully scalable and customizable rental business solutions at a one-time cost.

Looking back at our journey since the beginning, we realized the different stages our solution evolved through and wanted to reflect the same in our branding. To do so precisely, we decided to come up with a new logo. At a glance, our new logo looks pretty simple, but it includes much more than what meets the eye. Here, we have explained the need for a new logo in more detail, how we finalized the design, and everything it symbolizes.

Why New Logo?

While our previous logo embodied everything that Yo!Rent stood for in 2015, it sometimes fell short of representing the advancements our solution went through the difficult times that followed after 2019. 

In the past few years, Yo!Rent has helped entrepreneurs;

  • Aid local fitness businesses survive the economic downfall of the pandemic
  • Stay strong, resilient, and operative despite the overwhelming burdens of armed conflicts  
  • Join the EV revolution to promote sustainable living and transition from non-renewable energy sources
  • Play important roles in mass-scale infrastructure development projects in the Middle East
  • Fulfill the requirements of vastly diverse customer cohorts with multi-niche marketplaces 

Thus, to assist entrepreneurs in overcoming these constraining roadblocks, Yo!Rent had to undergo a complete evolution. This evolution multiplied Yo!Rent’s versatility, practicality, and adaptability for the diverse niches of the rental economy. We felt that these attributes should also be reflected in our logo. 

The Iconography

To find a symbol for our logo, we took a number of references from real-life objects and engaged in extensive brainstorming sessions. In the end, we found the right object to symbolize Yo!Rent’s core proposition. This object was the popular stress reliever – the fidget spinner. For reference, see the image below: 

The structural design of modern fidget spinners includes a spinning core connected with three weighted arms or lobes. The core acts as the axis for rotation while the arms maintain the pace and balance.

The parallels between the fidget spinner and the rental economy symbolize Yo!Rent’s added versatility in many ways:

  • Rotational Movement

The rotational movement of a fidget spinner is similar to the dynamic movement of resources in the rental economy. Instead of purchasing new products, the rental economy includes the circular movement of rental goods and items from one user to another and back to the base. Yo!Rent facilitates this circular movement of goods with great efficacy.

  • Interconnectedness

The central core of a fidget spinner connects to its outer lobes and acts as its rotational axis. Similarly, YoRent connects different vendors having extensive product catalogs with users and acts as the centralized core for rental operations. Be it equipment rental, automobile rental, fashion rental, or any other rental niche, Yo!Rent helps entrepreneurs connect and facilitate rental operations in all popular rental niches.

  • Efficiency in Rotation

Fidget spinners are optimized for speed and efficiency of rotation. For this reason, they are also enhanced with weights and bearings to add stability to the entire structure. In a similar way, Yo!Rent is optimized for scalability and customizability. We also keep enhancing it further to provide a satisfying rental experience to customers.

  • Stress-Release Function

Just like fidget spinners are used for relieving stress and psychological triggers from daily lives, Yo!Rent has been developed with the sole purpose of taking the stress out of rental operations. It can help rental businesses deal with daily use cases and also brings automation to streamline repetitive tasks.

  •   Easy to Use

Using fidget spinners is exceptionally easy and comes naturally to users because of its simple and effective design. Yo!Rent also comes with a highly intuitive and clutter-free design that makes it easy to use for all users. Furthermore, its neutral color palette and minimalistic design elements make it possible to rent out diverse types of rental equipment from a single platform.

  • 360-Degree Operations

Just like a fidget spinner rotates completely 360 degrees, Yo!Rent also provides 360-degree support to launch and manage rental businesses in all equipment rental, automobile rental, and fashion rental niches. It also comes with advanced 360-degree support that includes both customer support and tech support.

How We Finalized the Design?

With a clear concept and the selected symbol in mind, our designers experimented with various styles, color palettes, and typography. To narrow down our options, we tested the shortlisted versions across diverse configurations such as different screen resolutions, devices, backgrounds, webpage sections, sizes, and layouts. 

In the end, we narrowed down all our options to one logo that vividly delivered our core message in an aesthetically pleasing style without any compromises in all configurations and arrangements.

Final Words

Yo!Rent rental software is available in 70+ countries and can be used to launch rental websites and marketplaces in 30+ rental niches. Our new logo adequately represents the versatility of Yo!Rent along with its capabilities to empower founders and entrepreneurs in the rental industry. As the rental economy proliferates and gains new scale, we will keep improving Yo!Rent and add new features, functionalities, and other elements to help rental businesses grow and expand.

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