Yo!Rent Rental Software Demos: Why We Keep Them Public


Being one of the world’s most leading rental platforms, Yo!Rent supports diverse rental niches like fashion rental, car rental, boat rental, truck rental, heavy equipment rental, furniture rental, and more. These niches are highly profitable all across the globe and inspire thousands of entrepreneurs to step in the rental economy. However, with so much potential and versatility, it would be completely acceptable for us to keep our software’s functionality 100% confidential before the purchase. But that’s not the case, interested users can easily explore Yo!Rent’s technical demos to get an in-depth understanding of the software’s working and business workflows.The best part about our demos is that prospects don’t need to share with us any information to explore them. Below are the main reasons why we keep Yo!Rent demos public:

1. To Maintain Transparency

Yo!Rent comes with numerous modules and functionalities that are even difficult to count but still available to explore in all our public demos. Not only visitors can view these functionalities as much as they like but also test them in real-time across all customer, vendor and admin interfaces. Furthermore, to uphold transparency during project execution, we use the Bizixx project management system that provides the same work status updates to our clients that it provides to our team leaders and managers.

Personal Demo -Why we Keep YoRent Demos Public

2. To Establish Compatibility

Starting a new business venture is a risky scenario that requires pre-calculated steps and measures. We understand this very well. Thus, to help our clients overcome the risks of investing in an incompatible software, we kept our demos publicly available from where interested prospects can fully interact with the software and do a complete evaluation to decide if it is compatible with all their business requirements. Also, they can ask for any customizations to meet discrete feature requirements or to set up the solution as per their own personal preferences.

3. Proof of Concept

We don’t simply promise our clients about deliverables, but provide them with an advanced model of the software that they’ll be using. This model acts as a proof of concept and ensures entrepreneurs their business idea’s feasibility. Using demos, prospects find out what they need to conduct their desired business operations and that’s what they get at the time of delivery, which builds trust in the service. Now, as the demos already serve as a proof of concept, the prospects can rely on Yo!Rent to develop a robust rental marketplace with minimum to no vulnerabilities.

Equipment - Why we Keep YoRent Demos Public
Source: Yo!Rent Equipment Rental Demo

4. For Elaborating Diverse Functionalities

One of the most important reasons behind keeping Yo!Rent demos publicly available to everyone is to help them understand diverse functionalities of Yo!Rent ranging from basic features to the most complex modules. By themselves using the demos, entrepreneurs can view how Yo!Rent can resolve day-to-day rental business problems. In the demos, they can view the user journeys, interface and the solution’s appearance on multiple screen sizes as well. Furthermore, the demos also support user concurrency. Multiple users can browse the different interfaces of the demo and inspect all features in unison.

Shop Inventory - Why we Keep YoRent Demos Public
Source: Yo!Rent Demo – Equipment Inventory

5. To Reduce the Development Time

In addition to all aforementioned factors, one more advantage of keeping the demos public is that it helps in reducing the development time. This is because the prospect is already made aware of whether Yo!Rent matches all his business requirements or not, or if it will require some customizations. As the prospect has already seen the software, based on urgency he/she can suggest quick customizations, which will impact and reduce the entire development time frame. Another factor that contributes towards the shortened development time is the thousands of hours on the research, planning and development that our team spent on while preparing Yo!Rent.

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6. To Shorten Time to Market (TTM)

Keeping demos public reduces the time to market. For example, after viewing the demos, a prospect can purchase, customize or directly deploy the software on the servers. But in the meantime, he/she is already aware of the upcoming marketplace’s strong points and thus can begin with pre-launch campaigns. Business owners can be quick at selecting the value proposition, unique value points and revenue generation models. Effective branding can also be done at an early stage, helping in establishing a proper market for the product and resulting in a smooth launch.

Get Started - Why we Keep YoRent Demos Public

It is also to be taken into consideration that our demos are not the only means to explore and understand the Yo!Rent solution. For deeper understanding, it is highly recommended to book free personalized demo sessions with our subject matter experts who can walk you through all the functionalities and help you comprehend how Yo!Rent will help your business.

To Conclude

Keeping Yo!Rent demos public is mutually beneficial for us and our prospects. While the demo does give all the visitors a complete idea of our rental software, they are useful for purposes like building trust and integrity. As entrepreneurs get a clear idea of the value Yo!Rent can add to their firm, conducting business operations and market launch becomes easy. This way, we are able to stand firm on the various requirements of our global clientele network.

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