Introducing the Latest Version of Yo!Rent Single Vendor Rental Store Software


Yo!Rent Single Vendor (SV) is a ready-to-deploy rental store solution built by FATbit Technologies. It came with essential features required to digitally transform traditional brick and mortar stores and provide rental business owners with extensive rental functionalities. Additionally, it helped business owners simplify online operations and effectively materialize diverse rental business ideas.

However, to keep up with the changing trends and increase value for business owners, we assessed Yo!Rent SV with the latest consumer buying patterns. We found that in 2023 and upcoming years, along with providing smooth online transactions, offering a highly intuitive design is also important for creating an appealing digital experience. In fact, providing intuitive and user-friendly digital platforms not only streamlines the customer experience but also incentivizes them to engage more deeply with the platform.

Keeping the aforementioned observation in mind, we revamped Yo!Rent SV’s design and introduced a more aesthetic and user-friendly interface.

Deliver State-of-the-Art Experience with Yo!Rent SV Rental Store Software

To enhance the browsing experience for customers and position your rental store as a dominant and influential online brand, our team implemented the following changes in the latest version of Yo!Rent SV rental store software:

1. Revamped Industry-Specific Designs

The new Yo!Rent SV comes with not one, but two primary industry specific designs that can be used to further launch a wide range of online rental businesses. These designs are equipment rental and fashion rental. While the former is suitable for launching all types of equipment rental websites such as heavy equipment, outdoor equipment, electronics, power tools, etc., the latter is suitable for lending designer wear, costumes, bridal wear and accessories. 

Our industry-specific designs are also made considering the following aspects:

  • To provide familiar looks and feels: With familiar looks that customers recognize or expect on a website, it becomes easier to relate your rental business with its respective industry. In turn, this leaves a strong brand image and a serious sense of professionalism in the customer’s mind. 
  • To provide better functionality: Highly-intuitive industry-specific designs make it easier for customers to find the products they are looking for and access all options required to complete the user journey.
  • For improving conversion rates: With a trustable brand image and significantly enhanced user experience, customers are more likely to complete transactions and even opt for add-ons, become return customers, etc. All leading to increased sales and revenue.
  • For eliminating the need for heavy design customizations: By providing all design elements required to launch captivating rental stores in diverse rental niches, we eliminate the need for heavy design changes and customizations. 

Note: While it is true that Yo!Rent rental store software does not require any heavy design changes and customizations to launch powerful rental websites, we still offer custom design services to help businesses with any specific design or feature preferences.

Explore the Latest Version of Yo!Rent SV

2. Versatility for Both Simple and Complex Websites

Yo!Rent SV’s new design is prepacked with versatility to support both simple and complex rental websites. Whether you want to launch a simple clean and clutter free website to rent baby equipment or an all-in-one platform to rent, sell or buy power tools, both are possible with Yo!Rent SV. Similarly, you can launch a rental store to target a very specific audience that speaks a single language, or a store that targets a diverse audience belonging to multiple regions and ethnicities.

Some features that provide this versatility in terms of both design and functionality are:

  • Manageable homepage: Add, remove, edit and rearrange the homepage your way
  • Banner settings: Customize banner images and slides
  • List view, map view and grid view: Provide multiple product view options to customers
  • Theme management: Select primary and secondary theme colors for your online store
  • Rent plus sell: Allow both rental and sales operations on a single platform
  • Request for Quote module: Allow customers to request price quotes and keep a record on the platform
  • Multilingual support: Target a diverse audience including both tourists and immigrants with multilingual support
  • Multi-currency support: Enable stress-free payments on your platform by allowing customers to pay in their preferred currency
  • Affiliate Management: Introduce affiliates in your online rental business model

3. Increased Accessibility with Shortened Workflow

For any online business, the journey from visiting the homepage, to completing the transaction is important and we understand that. It is also inclusive of various other stages such as browsing products, comparing products, adding them to cart and many a times, even back and forth to read views, return policies, find discount offers, etc. Thus, to streamline experience and ensure the benefits of industry-specific designs, we optimized our workflows so that each and every action to customers is just a few clicks away.

4. Bigger And Bolder Product Layouts To Induce Action

The latest version of Yo!Rent SV rental store software comes with bigger and bolder product layouts that are innately more interactive and induce action. Furthermore, they help you capture the attention of the user and make your ecommerce visual merchandising more effective. Particularly required for fashion rental businesses such as designer wear rental and jewelry rental, our enhanced layouts make the entire customer experience more engaging and also help you convert.

Key Features of Yo!Rent SV

While the design aspects of our rental solution have seen maximum changes in the latest update, Yo!Rent SV is equally impressive in terms of functionalities and streamlining your online rental store. Some of the key features Yo!Rent SV are:

1. Advanced Booking Calendar

In an online rental store, businesses need a functioning and accurate booking calendar to display product availability and accept rental date inputs from customers. Yo!Rent’s advanced booking calendar not only helps businesses in taking rental date inputs, but also assists them in automating invoicing and preventing double booking. 

2. Catalog Management

Even in a rental store, an entrepreneur can have a vast product catalog ranging across various brands and categories. This is especially true for niches like heavy equipment rental, power tools rental, electronics rental and even multi-niche rental stores. However, for managing this diverse range, business owners need effective catalog management.

Yo!Rent SV’s catalog management module provides businesses with complete control over their products.They can manage everything from brands and categories to product filters, attributes, rental pricing and discounts. Moreover, businesses can check inventory status and add, remove or edit products from anywhere remotely. They can also assign product tags and keywords to enhance the overall search experience for customers. 

3. Order Management

Managing orders is another primary concern for online rental businesses. For ensuring fast deliveries, rental businesses need quick updates on new orders and payment status. They also need to keep track of returns, taxes, rental security, discounts, and shipping charges. 

Yo!Rent SV’s smart order management features keep businesses updated on each and every stage of order fulfillment, right from order placement to payments, delivery and return. Businesses can themselves view all information on a single tab and keep check on payment status and refund status as well. They can manage taxes and discounts offered on an order and view affiliate commissions. In case of delivery issues, business owners can also manage return and refund requests on Yo!Rent.

Want to see the New Yo!Rent SV in Action?

4. Platform Management

Online businesses, not in just rental but any industry, require complete control over their platform to showcase products the way they want and create a strong brand image. Plus, they need content management controls to stay updated with modern content practices and stand against the competition.

For complete platform management, Yo!Rent provides end-to-end platform management options that allow business owners to manage their web pages, product pages, blogs, homepage sliders, payment gateways, FAQs, navigation menu and even discounts & rewards. Furthermore, business owners can set meta tags for SEO optimization and define multiple language labels.

5. Sub Admin Accounts

For simplifying and managing operations more efficiently, many times business owners require sub admin accounts who handle the online store on their behalf. The option to create sub admin accounts is also important for business scalability purposes as the more your business grows, more personnels you will need for business management. On Yo!Rent SV, business owners can create unlimited sub admin accounts and assign them 50+ roles and permissions. They can also create multiple sub admin accounts for managing marketing, orders, inventory and customer support.

6. Reports and Analytics

For making data driven sales, marketing and restocking decisions, data analytics is necessary. It helps businesses gain insights into consumer behavior and identify sales patterns, which in turn strengthen the marketing approach and helps in revenue generation. With Yo!Rent SV, rental business owners get a broad view of their sales and product performance. They can view top and least performing products, view top customers, tax reports and even affiliates and advertiser performance. Furthermore, Yo!Rent SV comes with data visualization so that business owners can get a general business overview by simply logging into the dashboard.

7. Data Extraction

Online stores require data extraction features for many reasons such as for managing bulk inventory, creating backups, showing legal compliance, calculating taxes, platform customization or for simply listing products on other websites and marketplaces. Yo!Rent comes with quick data import/export options so that business owners can easily transfer product information including names, tags, categories, brands, attributes, filters, prices and more.


In comparison to the previous version of Yo!Rent SV, the new version is more inclined towards capturing the changing consumer trends and is better suited to help entrepreneurs in their online rental business ventures. It comes with versatile industry-specific designs that help improve the brand image of the business and make a strong entrance in the market. Moreover, the improved designs eliminate the need for heavy design customizations so that businesses can reduce their overall time-to-market. Lastly, keeping the impressive feature set of Yo!Rent SV in mind, it is a complete solution business owners can ask for to take their rental business to new heights.

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