The Best Golf Cart Rental Booking Software in the Industry


Invented to carry golf kits, bags, and other accessories, golf carts were a successful replacement for golf caddies. With time, their popularity grew, and golf carts became an additional leisure element in the sport of golf. They were openly welcomed by golfers in countries like the US, UK, Ireland and Canada. In the US, golf carts gained maximum traction with their usage being six times more likely than in the UK. 

Apart from golf courses, the usage of golf carts extends to various other establishments such as hotels, resorts, residential areas, event venues, theme parks, malls, and transportation hubs. Considering their versatile usage and escalating demand, many founders are interested in launching online golf cart rental stores. However, to capitalize, they need reliable golf cart rental software that can manage both the front and backend operations.

To make the selection process easy, we have listed the top 5 golf cart rental software after closely analyzing and comparing them with the other options available in the market. Based on their features, ease of use,  and impressive value proposition, they outflank all other solutions.

Top Golf Cart Rental Booking Software in 2024

Below are our top picks for golf cart rental booking software. To find out the most suitable software for your requirements, we also recommend booking a demo with the official software provider.

1. YoRent

In contrast to the various SaaS-based rental solutions, YoRent is a self-hosted golf cart rental booking software that provides founders with complete ownership of their golf cart rental store. It has a vast feature range to help business owners accept online bookings, manage orders, payments, returns, and more. For damage control, YoRent has rental security management and rental agreement management modules. Being fully scalable, it also supports unlimited users and transactions at no extra cost.

Key Features:

  • Rental booking calendar
  • Rental security management
  • Agreement management & eSign
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly pricing
  • Late return charges
  • Document verification with photo uploads

Pricing: Available at a one-time cost. For more information, check out YoRent’s official packages. [To get more detailed information, businesses can explore the YoRent Packages page to choose the best package according to their requirements.]

Type of Software: Self-hosted

Top Reasons to Buy:

  • The one-time cost for lifetime ownership of the store makes it highly cost-effective in the long run
  • The comprehensive feature set that covers day-to-day use cases
  • Unlimited user profiles and transactions at no extra charges
  • Fascinating front-end design and capabilities

G2 Rating: 4.7

Suitable For:  Startups, Small to Medium-sized businesses, and Enterprises.

Founded Year: 2015

Country:  India

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2. Rent Centric

Rent Centric is another reliable golf cart rental solution to help you manage your rental fleet, customers, and payments. With online bookings, it can help you take rental orders 24/7 hours and automate the entire booking process. To help you grow your cart rental business, it provides detailed reports on payments, booking duration, employee performance, and more. It also has a rental agreement module and payment splitting option.

Key Features: 

  • Agreement management
  • Payment splitting
  • Email marketing module
  • Document verification
  • Rental insurance

Pricing: Monthly recurring (plus one-time set-up costs)

Type of Software: SaaS

Top Reasons to Buy:

  • Keeps simplicity at the forefront and is easy to use
  • Has a diverse range of features to help you manage golf cart rental operations
  • 24/7 online support with Zendesk

G2 Rating: 1.5

Suitable For: Small and Medium-sized Businesses

Founded Year: 1998

Country: Canada

3. Reservety

Reservety comes with built-in order management and inventory management features to simplify rental operations. It is a cloud-based software that also supports custom price quotations and booking requests. A unique feature that only Reservety has in our top golf cart rental software list is custom rental inventory reports. Additionally, you can integrate Reservety with all popular content management systems.

Key Features:

  • Quotation management
  • Order management
  • Promotions and discounts
  • Custom notifications
  • Rental agreement and eSign

Pricing: Monthly recurring

Types of Software: SaaS

Top Reasons to Buy:

  • Has a unique custom rental inventory reports module
  • Provides priority support in its premium package

Suitable For: Small to Medium-sized Businesses

Founded Year: 2019

Country: Romania

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4. Indexic aReservation

aReservation as a golf cart rental booking software helps you increase your overall productivity with a dedicated set of features that automate key operations. This includes taking online reservations and managing rental fleets and cancellations. aReservation also has a dynamic pricing option that allows you to rent golf carts for varying durations. Lastly, easy order management provides you with quick status updates and helps you keep track of all deliveries and pickups.

Key Features: 

  • Rental booking calendar
  • Document verification with photo uploads
  • Auto-cancellations and rescheduling
  • Tiered daily, weekly, and monthly pricing
  • Early return monitoring

Pricing: Commission based

Type of Software: SaaS

Top Reasons to Buy:

  • Has all the essential features required to run an online golf cart rental store
  • Automates daily workflows

Suitable For: Startups and Small-size Businesses

Founded Year: 2010

Country: USA

5. RentMy

RentMy is a smart golf cart rental solution to develop robust rental websites with functionalities to track and manage orders. It has a rental deposit feature that allows you to collect a small security deposit at the time of booking. You can use this security amount to reimburse any unexpected damages. RentMy also has a user-friendly front-end design and a feature-rich admin dashboard.

Key Features:

  • Rental security management
  • Custom shipping labels
  • Agreement management
  • Holiday pricing
  • Localization settings

Type of Software: SaaS

Pricing: Monthly recurring

Top Reasons to Buy:

  • It is easy to use
  • Has rental security features for damage control

Suitable For: Small-size businesses

Founded Year: 2009

Country:  Texas, USA

Let’s Build your Online Golf Cart Rental Store


With the help of golf cart rental booking software, managing business operations becomes fairly easy. The software automates and replaces the traditional brick-and-mortar processes that require manual assistance at all stages of order placement. Additionally, it also provides quick access to a wider market and helps golf cart rental business owners leverage digital marketing. 

When selecting a golf cart rental software for your business, ensure that there are minimum recurrent charges and transaction fees, or you can also opt for perpetually licensed software that you can use for a lifetime. This will restrict your overall investment in software technology and provide better returns in the long term. 

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